Social media moderation policy

Social media moderation policy

Last updated 17 May 2021
Last updated 17 May 2021

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) uses social media platforms to connect with our different audiences. We currently share content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We encourage public interaction about the content we post on our social media accounts. However, this does not imply that TEC agrees with or accepts the opinions or views expressed in any public comment.

Community rules

We welcome general questions on social media but because we take privacy seriously, we can’t respond to questions about your personal situation on social media. You can ask specific questions relating to your personal or private situation by calling 0800 601 301. Any comments on our pages that include private information will be hidden from view immediately to protect your privacy.

We ask that you keep any discussions respectful and adhere to the following community rules:

  • Be polite – treat people how you’d like to be treated
  • Keep language clean – comments with swearing and profanity of any kind will be hidden from view
  • Personal and defamatory attacks are forbidden – sexist, racist, misogynistic or homophobic comments will be hidden from view and offenders will also be blocked from the page
  • Do not post your personal or private information in comments – we have a job to protect your privacy
  • Do not comment spam or links to third party scam material or unofficial sites

Any comments that do not meet these community rules will be hidden from view, and at discretion of the TEC, may be reported to the social media site they occurred on. Repeat offenders will be blocked from our pages.

Social media privacy policy

Conduct on our social media channels must be in line with our privacy obligations set out in the Tertiary Education Commission Privacy Policy.

Complaints or requests received via social media

Complaints or requests received via social media will be responded to in a timely and considerate manner.

For complaints, individuals will be asked to contact TEC’s complaints team on 0800 601 301 or

Any general enquiries or requests about our services will be directed to our Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301 or