Frequently asked questions – National Careers System Strategy Action Plan

Ngā pātai auau – Te Mahere Mahi o Te Rautaki Pūnaha Aramahi ā-Motu

Last updated 27 September 2023
Last updated 27 September 2023

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the National Careers System Strategy’s Action Plan.

What is the Action Plan?

The Action Plan lays out the actions required to implement the National Careers System Strategy (the Strategy). It maps the 11 recommendations from the Strategy into 8 priority workstreams. Each workstream contains several actions to support the careers system to move towards the desired future state.

How was the Action Plan developed and approved?

Similarly to the Strategy, the Action Plan was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders from across the careers system. 

A draft Action Plan was reviewed and endorsed by the Education, Employment and Training (EET) Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Executive Groups, as well as the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC’s) Executive Leadership Team and Board.

The Action Plan was approved by the Minister of Education in September 2023.

When will the actions be implemented?

The current Action Plan is a two-year plan. The implementation of the actions is staggered across the two years.

Some actions are foundational – meaning they need to be delivered early as their outputs are required before other actions can be started.  

The focus for the first six months will be: 

  1. Establish a cross-agency leadership function
  2. Stand-up the monitoring framework of the agencies
  3. Develop criteria for quality careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG).

The Action Plan will be reviewed in around 18 months, and will be updated to reflect work already completed and incorporate any new or ongoing careers system improvements required.

Who will be involved in implementing the Action Plan?

The implementation of the Strategy and its Action Plan is an all-of-government piece of mahi, which is why collaborative development was so important.

As a leader of the careers system, and kaitiaki of the Strategy, TEC will be leading, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the actions. 

The responsibility for implementing actions sits across several agencies with key roles in the careers system. The Action Plan lays out who the lead agencies for each workstream are – and also notes that whilst those agencies may have ultimate responsibility for the actions, many other stakeholders will feed into the work as it’s being undertaken.

What are the next steps?

TEC will lead and coordinate the Strategy’s cross-agency implementation and will communicate regularly with the Strategy’s stakeholders via our newsletter, providing progress updates and opportunities to work together.

One of the first steps is the development of a governance framework which sets out how the strategic and operational decision-making for the Strategy’s implementation will function. We will be consulting on this shortly and will share the agreed framework as soon as we can.

How can I stay updated on progress?

We’ll communicate regularly with people interested in the Strategy’s implementation progress via our newsletter. You can sign up to receive the newsletter.