Resources to help support your learners

Ngā rauemi hei tautoko i ō ākonga

Last updated 2 February 2023
Last updated 2 February 2023

Use these resources to gain a better understanding of your learner groups and how you can support them to succeed.

Fundamental to your learner success approach is understanding who all your learners are, including their needs and aspirations. Explore these resources to enhance your learner success approach.

Over time, we will continue to add resources to this section for different learner groups.

Resources to support care experienced learners

Care experienced learners, those who have been – or are – in out-of-home care, have much to offer. When it comes to tertiary education, they also face many challenges that can go unnoticed.  The TEC encourages all TEOs to increase their understanding and support of care experienced learners, so these learners can successfully enter and complete their education.

Resources to support care experienced learners

Resources and guidance to support disabled learners

Developing a Disability Action Plan (DAP)            

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) aims to ensure that tertiary education organisations (TEOs) avoid discrimination against disabled people, and that disabled learners experience better outcomes throughout their education journey.

A DAP helps TEOs to identify good practices and creates a blueprint for change. The DAP sits alongside other Investment Plan requirements, including Learner Success Plans, designed to improve outcomes for historically underserved learner groups.

To help a TEO develop a DAP, the TEC has issued DAP guidance. It outlines what is expected from the DAP and its implementation.

Disability Action Plans

Kia Ōrite Toolkit

The Kia Ōrite Toolkit is a New Zealand code of practice to achieve an inclusive and equitable tertiary education environment for disabled learners.

A TEO’s DAP must show clear evidence that they are using various processes and measuring their progress against the Kia Ōrite Toolkit.

Kia Ōrite Toolkit

Tools and resources to support neurodivergent learners

The TEC’s neurodiversity work aims to understand the impacts of neurodiversity among learners, and to support and advise TEOs and employers in vocational education around how to support neurodivergent learners.

Resources to help you support neurodivergent learners

Resources for best practice in online delivery

Provide an engaging online learning environment for all your learners by using these tools and resources to help build, enhance and improve the quality of online teaching practices.

International best practice resources for learner success

Inform your learner success approach with these international best practice resources and case studies.

International best practice resources for learner success

Ōritetanga Tertiary Success for Everyone conference

Watch videos and presentations on keynote and plenary sessions from local and international speakers at the 2019 Ōritetanga Tertiary Success for Everyone conference.

2019 Ōritetanga Tertiary Success for Everyone conference