Indicative allocations by year

Ngā tohanga tūtohi mā te tau

Last updated 31 May 2023
Last updated 31 May 2023

The indicative allocation is our early estimate of each tertiary education organisation’s on-Plan funding. It indicates what you could receive for the following year if your Investment Plan is approved for funding.

We calculate this using a set of allocation methodologies, which are specific to each fund. We review and revise these every year to make sure they’re aligned to funding determinations and the current tertiary environment.

Your indicative allocations will be made available from 1 June and can be accessed through the My Allocations and Payments app on Ngā Kete

2024 indicative allocations

2024 Global Indicative Allocation Methodology (PDF 731 KB)

Historical indicative allocation methodologies


2023 indicative allocations for on-Plan Funds

2023 Global Indicative Allocations Methodology (PDF 514 KB)