TEC awards $2.3m of strategic funding for VET initiatives

TEC awards $2.3m of strategic funding for VET initiatives

Last updated 30 May 2023
Last updated 30 May 2023

A further $2.3 million in strategic funding has been allocated to 18 private training establishments (PTEs) for 20 vocational education and training (VET) initiatives.

“This targeted funding will go to support a further great range of initiatives that are directly aligned to industry, employer, regional and learner need and will help to drive long-term benefits for the New Zealand economy,” said Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Deputy Chief Executive – Delivery, Gillian Dudgeon.

“The focus is to ensure that the PTE Strategic Fund supports a genuinely national network of provision in terms of key sectors and industries and regional spread.”

Of the 54 proposals submitted by 45 PTEs, 13 proposals were funded in full and 7 funded in part.

PTE Strategic Fund targeted round

The 2023 PTE Strategic Fund was launched in July 2022 as part of the Unified Funding System (UFS) changes under the Reform of Vocational Education. Of the $16.8 million available for 2023, $13.2m was allocated in the initial round, leaving $3.6m unallocated.

In March 2023, TEC ran a targeted round for the remaining $3.6m. Eligible PTEs were asked to submit proposals that aligned with national and regional skills priorities (NRSPs) and demonstrated meeting the needs of underserved learners to adapt to current and future challenges.

The targeted round did not include funding for the Programme Development and Maintenance Fund (PDMF) element of the Strategic Fund. So, regrettably, 16 proposals from PTEs were ineligible because they sought funding for PDMF activities.

“We were disappointed not to allocate the full $3.6m available,” said Ms Dudgeon.

“We also recognise that as this is a new source of funding, not all PTEs have had the opportunity to identify suitable applications. However, there are a number of exciting new initiatives where funding has been secured, and we expect these to grow for the 2024 application process, which is already under way.”

Working with PTEs to improve processes

TEC engaged closely with the PTE peak bodies in the design and execution of the 2023 round; ran webinars; published guidance and assessment criteria, funding examples, and a proposal template; and liaised with individual PTEs. All those funded under the 2023 PTE Strategic Fund must spend the funding by 31 December 2023.

The learnings from both 2023 rounds have meant that TEC is providing separate application forms for the NRSP and PDMF funds for 2024 as well as fuller guidance to support improved information and processes.

The 2024 PTE Strategic Fund round opened for applications on 8 May 2023 and will close on 7 July 2023. See Applications for Private Training Establishment Strategic Fund are now open.

The full list of successful proposals for the targeted 2023 PTE Strategic Fund round is below.

List of PTEs who received 2023 PTE Strategic Funding

Name of PTE

Amount funded

Purpose of strategic funding

Apprentice Training NZ – 1


To acquire two robotic welding units as an add-on attachment to recently purchased augmented-reality welding simulation units.

Apprentice Training NZ – 2


To establish brokerage and support services to improve participation and success of Māori, Pasifika and female work-based learners in the manufacturing and mechanical engineering industry.

Bodhi Ltd


To support a marketing campaign and staff professional development in Te Tiriti o Waitangi to deliver programmes that support bicultural aspirations and improve delivery for minority learners.

Developers Institute Ltd ­­– Proposal 1


To support ākonga Māori into technology careers through mentoring, networking opportunities and engagements with industry professionals.

Developers Institute Ltd – Proposal 2


To fund a refreshed careers service for learners, featuring learner voices and employer partnerships, and incorporating sustainability-focused software development trends.

Future Skills Academy Limited


To develop a Student Success Centre and a Māori strategic framework that accelerates the achievement of learner success across all modes of delivery as well as other strategic goals.

Kalandra Education Group Ltd


To integrate virtual reality technology into delivery of the New Zealand Diploma in Embalming Level 5.

Mission Ready HQ Ltd


To transform Mission Ready’s existing programmes into an innovative virtual learning environment to support a better pathway from high school to tech industry employment.

Nelson Aviation College Ltd


To implement climate change adaptations and technological developments and integrate a new virtual-reality immersive training device into pilot training.

NZ International Commercial Pilot Academy Ltd


To support the purchase of a virtual-reality flight training simulator.

NZ School of Education – Project 2


To address the digital skills gap in south Tāmaki Makaurau by providing collaborative, innovative learning environments including a learning suite with virtual reality technology to help students learn across all modes of delivery for IT career success.

NZ School of Food & Wine


To upgrade existing programmes by embedding te reo Māori cookery terms and techniques into L4 and L5 teaching material and providing Chromebooks to improve learners’ digital and accounting skills.

NZ Welding School – Proposal 1 


To fund the purchase of virtual reality equipment for welding training which will enhance learners’ enjoyment of practical learning and better prepare them for pathways into sophisticated manufacturing environments. 

Pacific Coast Technical Institute – 2


To develop for Māori, Pasifika and learners with disabilities better support systems across health and wellness, and career and transition pathways from school to employment.

SAE Institute – Proposal 2


To develop an aspirational Māori Strategy in a meaningful and authentic way that impacts all aspects of the organisation to ensure Māori learners feel welcome and study in an environment that aligns with their values.

Strategi Institute


To integrate national and regional skills priorities into the financial services sector to adapt to changing market conditions.

Techtorium NZ Institute of Info Tech


To continue building a strategic approach and framework to attract secondary school leavers, youth and ākonga particularly in south Tāmaki Makaurau to tertiary education and careers in IT.

Valley Education & Training Enterprises


To develop in-house career development expertise and a careers programme for ākonga in local/rural areas, and to provide staff mindfulness training to promote mental health and wellness.

Westport Deep Sea Fishing School


To fund a virtual reality platform for an international maritime short course, replacing some practical training which requires expensive infrastructure.

Yoobee Colleges Ltd


To develop tailored physical areas for underserved learners across Yoobee Colleges.