New careers strategy supported by communities, careers workforce and government agencies

New careers strategy supported by communities, careers workforce and government agencies

Last updated 28 August 2023
Last updated 28 August 2023

A great milestone was achieved today with the release of the National Careers Systems Strategy.

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is the lead government agency responsible for careers in Aotearoa New Zealand, and as kaitiaki of the Strategy, is responsible for leading and coordinating its implementation.

TEC Chief Executive Tim Fowler said the National Careers Systems Strategy sets the direction for the careers system in Aotearoa New Zealand and the future state we want to move towards.

“It outlines the vision, strategic priorities and actions that collectively support the strengthening and futureproofing of NZ’s careers system. This strategy is the ‘guiding star’ for the careers sector and is designed to provide advice, support and guidance for anyone at any stage of their career,” Tim Fowler said.

“The key focus areas of the Strategy build on the good work already happening within the careers system and signal the Government’s commitment to addressing the barriers and challenges people currently face when making career decisions. This Strategy has been developed for today and the future, ready to support new skills, new roles and the capability needed to achieve growth.”

“People are at the heart of this Strategy, with its vision focused on people being empowered to understand themselves and their aspirations and to navigate careers opportunities that fit throughout their lives,” said Tim Fowler.

The TEC collaborated with other government agencies, the careers workforce, education providers, business, Māori and other community representatives, and more than 700 stakeholders to develop the strategy.

Tim Fowler said the careers system needed a strategy that was inclusive and that would meet the needs of current users, while bringing together a large and diverse group of stakeholders, providers and influencers that make up the careers sector.

Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) President Cherie Perrow acknowledges the contributions of Heather Lowery Kappes, the former president, as well as the CDANZ National Executive and its members. Cherie says the Careers Systems Strategy provides a cohesive and collaborative framework, enhancing the quality and accessibility of career support across Aotearoa, benefitting all New Zealanders.

Career and Transition Education Association (CATE) President Craig Dyason said the strategy takes a lifelong coordinated approach and will support young people in the first step of their career journey and empower educators with the resources they need to deliver effective career education and guidance.

The National Careers Systems Strategy has three focus areas – strengthening communities, growing quality careers support and ensuring equitable access.

National Career Systems Strategy.