Cyber security webinars

Me pēhea te whakapakari ake i tō haumarutanga ipurangi

Last updated 19 June 2024
Last updated 19 June 2024

Over the last year, the Cyber Security for the Tertiary Sector initiative facilitated online webinars to help organisations in the New Zealand tertiary education sector to better understand cyber security and help them decide what steps they can take to become more secure.

The cyber security webinars were well attended and informative. Recordings of these sessions are found below.

Recordings of previous Defend webinars



Phishing Awareness – YouTube, 31mins

Learn about the different kinds of phishing, how to spot a phish and what to do when phished.

Staying Safe Online – YouTube, 58mins

Learn the biggest threats to the tertiary sector, how hackers get in, and what you can do to keep your organisation and yourself safe.

Data Handling – YouTube, 31mins

Learn about what data to protect and how to keep data safe.

Zero Trust – YouTube, 33mins

Learn how to use conditional access, muti-factor authentication, Azure Identity Protection and Zero Trust Principles to reduce the likelihood of accounts being compromised.

Social Engineering – YouTube, 38mins

Find out about the different methods that threat actors use to manipulate you to do the hard work for them.

Passwords & Authentification – YouTube, 38mins

Learn more about different kinds of authentication, what makes a bad or good password, multi factor authentication and new developments.

Additional educational videos and content from Microsoft

These workshops, run by Microsoft, provide targeted information on what to do to make your organisation more cyber secure. They are primarily aimed at tertiary education organisations (TEOs) with access to E5/A5 Microsoft licensing. We’ve outlined the groups most likely to benefit from the workshops, below:




Most likely to benefit

Security Foundations

Setting the stage for Zero Trust, MFA and the basics on Identity based protection and why.

Understanding and Getting Started with ZERO TRUST – YouTube, 57mins

IT professionals, security admins, identity, and access admins, CISOs, security managers.

CISO and Cloud Security Architectures - MCRA 

The Chief Information Security Office (CISO) workshop helps accelerate security program modernization with reference strategies built using Zero Trust principles. Building Cyber security capability within your teams.

Individual CISO Workshop Videos – Microsoft

MCRA playlist explaining each key topic in the MCRA – YouTube

Security and risk managers, CISOs, IT managers.

M365 Security

What do we get with M365 Security?

An overall session on what is available and what you need to plan to implement as a baseline.

Video on using Defender M365 – YouTube

Full Playlist for Defender for Endpoint – YouTube

Key concepts and how to guides – Get Security Done

IT professionals, security admins, identity and access admins, IT developers.

Cloud & Hybrid Security

Using Defender for Cloud to manage your multi cloud security requirements.

Defender for Cloud video playlist – YouTube

Defender for Cloud helps you simplify your cloud security management and improve your security outcomes. To learn more, visit

IT professionals, security admins, identity and access admins, IT developers.