Key components

Ngā wae matua

Last updated 4 February 2021
Last updated 4 February 2021

The key components of a framework to ethically use student data.


Provides advice for TEOs on data analytics ethics, and tools to communicate with people and gain their consent to use their personal information. Read more

Good governance

Good data ethics are supported by good governance, which requires commitment by senior leadership. A data governance board can help achieve this. Read more

Safe and secure data use

Guidance for TEOs on anonymising and de-identification of data for safe and secure use of personal information. Read more

Quality systems to ensure privacy

Guidance on the privacy impact assessment process and training staff in privacy practice. Read more

Community perspectives

In addition to the legislation, it is recommended TEOs take into account a wide range of community perspectives when you are considering a new use of personal information like learner analytics. This advice also examines recent guidance on personal information management beyond the Privacy Act: Māori data sovereignty and the Social Investment Agency’s Data Protection and Use Policy (DPUP).  Read more