Community perspectives

Community perspectives

Last updated 31 May 2021
Last updated 31 May 2021

TEOs need to consider a wider range of community perspectives before using data.

Personal data collection, use and disclosure is governed by the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020, which is a principles-based framework for information management.

In addition to the legislation, however, it is recommended that you consider a wide range of community perspectives when you are considering a new use of personal information like learner analytics.

You should consider the perspectives of:

  • Māori
  • Pacific Peoples
  • disabled communities
  • refugee and migrant communities
  • speakers of other languages.

Transparency and consultation with communities is key, as well as ensuring that individuals have a full understanding of data use before you begin.

The Māori data sovereignty and the Social Investment Agency’s Data Protection and Use Policy (DPUP) pages examine recent guidance on personal information management beyond the Privacy Act.