National Careers System Strategy

Te Rautaki Pūnaha Aramahi ā-Motu

Last updated 5 July 2024
Last updated 5 July 2024

The National Careers System Strategy is now complete and available for you to read. The Strategy sets the direction for the careers system in Aotearoa New Zealand and outlines the future state we want to move towards.

Cover page of the National Careers System StrategyThe key focus areas of the Strategy build on the good work already happening within the careers system and signal the Government’s commitment to addressing the barriers and challenges people currently face when making career decisions. This Strategy has been developed for today and the future, ready to support new skills, new roles and the capability needed to achieve growth.

People are at the heart of the Strategy, with its vision focused on people being empowered to understand themselves and their aspirations and to navigate careers opportunities that fit throughout their lives.

Read the National Careers System Strategy (PDF 2.9 MB)

Read the Supporting Information (PDF 226 KB)

Frequently asked questions

National Careers System Strategy Action Plan

The development of the Strategy was a collaborative effort to get to where we are now. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) worked with government agencies, the careers workforce, education providers, business, Māori and other community representatives to develop it.

Setting a direction for the careers system

From a practical standpoint the Strategy sets the direction for the careers system to:

  • strengthen connections with users and system participants
  • grow quality careers support, and
  • ensure equitable access to careers education and guidance throughout people’s lives.

This in turn contributes to government priorities of building a skilled workforce, improving the efficiency of the labour market, and helping to improve equity.

The two videos below explain what the Strategy is all about:

  • why we need it
  • what we are trying to achieve, and
  • an overview of the engagement across the careers system and how Māori perspectives helped shape the Strategy.

Watch the videos to find out more about how we got to where we are now.

Te Rautaki Pūnaha Aramahi ā-Motu / National Careers System Strategy overview


Te Rautaki Pūnaha Aramahi ā-Motu / National Careers System Strategy – Māori engagement overview



National Careers System Strategy — at a glance

National careers system strategy at a glance (PDF 312 KB)

What's next?

The Strategy has 11 recommendations that focus on Strengthening Connections, Growing Quality Careers Support and Ensuring Equitable Access.

These recommendations formed the basis of the Action Plan, which was approved by the Minister of Education in September 2023. The Action Plan lays out the actions required to implement the Strategy.

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