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Te whiwhi kōrero hou

By subscribing to our RSS feed you can get daily or weekly alerts direct to your mailbox or browser whenever we add or update web content that interests you. Use the form below to select your topic areas.

To subscribe in your browser

Some browsers can read RSS feeds, and with others you need to add a browser extension.

In Firefox save the feed using the in-built Live Bookmarks. The Mozilla support site has screenshots.

In Internet Explorer click "Subscribe to this feed" to save it. To find it again go to the favourites icon, and click the feeds tab.

In Chrome you must add a browser extension to read RSS feeds. Go to the Chrome store and search for RSS to find a selection.

You can also use a news reader like Feedly to display the feeds in an easy-to-read way. News readers have more features and allow you to see a summary of the new content.

How to update your subscription

Use the form below to add or delete topics. Your selection will override your previous subscription choices, so tick all the topics you want. Include those you want to keep subscribing to, and leave out any topics you no longer want.