Information for businesses

Information for businesses

Last updated 16 May 2023
Last updated 16 May 2023

These videos show how businesses and their industries can benefit as the reformed vocational education and training (VET) system gains momentum. 

Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) and Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLGs) work to ensure the right skills are being developed to meet market needs now and in the future. Their work benefits businesses, industries, learners, regions, iwi and communities.

By engaging with WDCs and RSLGs, employers and industries can influence what education and training gets delivered. We encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunities to grow a skilled workforce. 

Introduction to the new VET system

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Case studies

Dunedin hospital build

A range of skills will be needed for this $1.5 billion infrastructure project, starting with stage one of the build – the new outpatient facility. 

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Forestry leadership

Through the combined efforts of the WDC, industry and providers, a new Level 5 forestry leadership qualification was created. 

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Taranaki energy

The Taranaki RSLG is working to support short- and long-term skills planning for the energy sector’s transition to a carbon-neutral future. 

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To get involved, contact your relevant WDC or RSLG:

Workforce Development Councils

Regional Skills Leadership Groups