Ōritetanga Learner Success capability session webinars privacy notice

Whakamōhiotanga tūmataiti mō ngā kauhaurangi wātū āheitanga Angitu Ākonga Ōritetanga

Last updated 24 July 2023
Last updated 24 July 2023

Consent for recording and sharing information from Ōritetanga Learner Success Capability Session webinars.

Capability Sessions are knowledge building seminars to better connect the sector and share insights into the seven capabilities for learner success. We need your consent to share any personal information that you share through these webinars.


The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) intends to collect and publish information and a video recording from all Capability Session webinar presentations.

We will publish these through TEC channels including our website (tec.govt.nz), social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube), newsletters to internal and external stakeholders, and future presentations.

The information published about you may include your name, MS Teams information displayed, and any other information you share during the session. We also intend to collect and share video footage and audio recordings.

  • You can ask for a copy of all of the information collected about you, and you can correct it if it is wrong.
  • It is your choice to participate and provide information about yourself.
  • You can withdraw at any stage, for any reason, without being penalised or disadvantaged in any way.
  • You can contact TEC with any questions or concerns you may have over the use of the information. Email marketing@tec.govt.nz.
  • Your information will be stored in the TEC’s secure document management system.
  • Your participation will have no impact on any current or future dealings you may have with TEC.
  • This consent relates to the collection of this information for this purpose only. We will keep this information for 10 years and then securely destroy it.

Updated July 2023