Plan Guidance and Toolkit

Plan Guidance and Toolkit

Last updated 28 June 2022
Last updated 28 June 2022

Plan Guidance and the Toolkit provide information templates for Investment from 2023. 

Our objective is to make high-quality investment decisions. We want our decision making to support a dynamic system that delivers lifelong learning and equips learners, communities and employers for success.

The Plan Guidance, Supplementary Plan Guidance and the Investment Briefs should be read alongside each other when you are developing your Plan. They can also inform your discussions with your Relationship Manager or our Customer Contact Group.


The Investment Round Roadmap provides an outline of the major milestones to occur for investment for 2023.



TEC releases Plan Guidance

By March 2022

TEC publishes notices in the New Zealand Gazette setting out requirements for Plan content, timetable, assessment, and Plan summaries

By March 2022

Government announces Budget

May 2022

TEC releases Supplementary Plan Guidance to reflect any policy or Budget changes (as required)

June 2022

TEC provides indicative allocations

By 1 June 2022

TEC releases Mix of Provision (MoP) and Educational Performance Indicator Commitment (EPIC) templates

3 June 2022

TEOs submit proposed Plans, including MoP, EPIC, Learner Success Plans, Disability Action Plans and Additional Funding templates

8 July 2022

TEC reviews proposed Plans and has further discussion with TEOs as needed

July - October 2022

TEC notifies TEOs of funding decisions in writing

From November 2022

First payments made against Plans; Plan delivery begins

January 2023

Plan Guidance

Supplementary Plan Guidance for 2023 with UFS information including the National and Regional Skill Priorities – published June 2022

Supplementary Plan Guidance provides you with further information about what the TEC will be looking for in your Investment Plan that was not available when Plan Guidance was published. This year it also contains information about UFS including the National and Regional Skill Priorities that will be used to allocate the Strategic Component of UFS funding.

Supplementary Plan Guidance (PDF, 0.98 Mb)

Plan Guidance for 2023 – published February 2022

Plan Guidance supports you to understand what needs to submitted in your Investment Plan, how we will assess it, and our priorities for investment.

Plan Guidance (PDF, 966 Kb)

Preparing for investment in 2023 – published December 2021

In December 2021 we released Preparing for Investment in 2023. This information informs your planning and submissions for the Investment Round.

Preparing for Investment in 2023 (PDF, 330 Kb)

Plan Gazette notice 2022

The TEC sets criteria for the content of Investment Plans, Plan summaries, the submission process, timetable, and how Plans will be assessed. These are published in the New Zealand Gazette.

Plan Gazette notice 2022

Investment Briefs

The Investment Briefs are a summary of what we want to achieve across particular areas of provision and our expectations around parity. 

Foundation education investment brief (PDF, 261 Kb)

Vocational education investment brief (PDF, 300 Kb)

Higher education investment brief (PDF, 305 Kb)

Information sheet – Learner Success Plans

This information sheet explains the Learner Success Framework and provides information that supports you to complete your Learner Success Plan.

Learner Success Plan Information Sheet (PDF, 999 Kb)


Many of the templates you require for drafting and submitting your Plan are available in Workspace2 (for example Mix of Provision (MoP) templates). Please refer to the table below for other relevant templates.

Template description 

Who needs it

Submission deadline

The Strategic Intent and Learner Success Plan template (Word, 4.1.Mb) (previously known as the Investment Plan template) 

This template has two parts.

TEOs can use the Strategic Intent section of this template to structure the strategic intent component of their Investment Plan (Plan). It sets out the requirements for proposed Plans and ensures we have all the information we require to make informed investment decisions.

TEO are encouraged to use the Learner Success Plan template, or to use the headings provided to guide their own document.

Strategic Intents are required from all TEOs submitting a full Investment Plan.

Learner Success Plans are required from all TEOs submitting Strategic Intents. 

8 July 2022 (please refer to timeline for further detail)

2023 Investment Plan Additional Funding requests

Additional funding requests for 2023 are to be submitted at the same time as your 2023 plan documents.

TEOs applying for additional funding for the Student Achievement Component Levels 1 and 2 (SAC 1&2), Youth Guarantee (YG), Adult and Community Education (ACE), Literacy and Numeracy (L&N) or Specialised English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) funds need to complete the following form:

2023 Plan Round Additional Funding Request Template for TEOs (Excel, 207Kb)

Additional Fund Request application forms will not be available on our website for the Unified Funding System (UFS) or Student Achievement Component level 7 (degree) and above (SAC 7+) funds.

We will not be considering additional funding requests for the UFS until after the April 2023 Single Data Return.

We will be taking a targeted approach to allocating additional funding for the SAC 7+ fund. Please see ‘Supplementary Plan Guidance for investment from 2023’ for more information about our targeted approach to additional funding.

TEOs wishing to request funding above their 2023 indicative allocation for SAC 1&2, YG, ACE, L&N or ESOL funds must submit an additional funding request using the template provided.

8 July 2022

2022 Additional Funding Requests – in-year amendments

Additional funding requests for 2022 in-year amendments for Adult and Community Education (ACE), Literacy and Numeracy (L&N) or Specialised English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) funds can be submitted from 1 June to 30 September 2022.

TEOs applying for these funds must complete the following form:

2022 in-year Additional Funding Request Application Template for TEOs (Excel, 181Kb)

We are taking a targeted approach to 2022 in-year additional funding for the Student Achievement Component, Youth Guarantee, and Industry Training funds. Please refer below to ‘Resources for Investment for 2022’ for more information about our targeted approach to additional funding.

 TEOs wishing to request funding above their 2022 current approved allocation for the ACE, L&N or ESOL funds must submit an additional funding request using the template(s) provided. 30 September 2022

New Provider Form

TEOs who are new to on-Plan funding or who have not received on-Plan funding in the last 12 months will need to follow the New Provider process.

Any TEO who has not received on-Plan funding in the last 12 months

8 July 2022

2023 Indicative allocations review process for UFS Delivery Component

TEOs can request changes are made to their UFS delivery component (subject and mode of delivery) indicative allocation, if they believe the data that their allocation was based on is not accurate, or that other information should have been considered in the calculation.

This is not a process for requesting additional funding.

A TEO can request changes to their allocation through the online template. The template is supported by an example and instructions on how to give the TEC the most useful and accurate information to process a TEO’s submission.

For more details on how to complete and submit a request for a review of your 2023 indicative allocation for UFS delivery component funding, please refer to the UFS Funding Rates page.  


Anyone who would like their indicative allocation reviewed because of one of the following reasons:

  • 2021 data incorrect
  • Te Reo / Tikanga
  • New qualification
  • Change in mode of delivery
  • New territorial local authority/ region
  • COVID-19-related
  • Other. 
 8 July 2022, 5pm

We want to remind all TEOs that your Plan documents including your Strategic Intent, Learner Success Plan, Disability Action Plan, MoPs and EPICs should all be submitted through Workspace 2. We ask that you do not submit these documents by email as this can result in delays.

Resources for investment in 2022

Plan Guidance

This Plan Guidance and Supplementary Plan Guidance relates to funding for 2022.

Plan Guidance December 2020 (PDF, 1.2 Mb) and 

Supplementary Plan Guidance released June 2021 (PDF, 751 Kb).

Investment Briefs

These investment briefs relate to funding for 2022.

Student Achievement Component (SAC) Investment Briefs

Industry Training Fund (ITF) Investment Briefs

Construction Investment Brief

Secondary Initial Teacher Education Brief

Food and Fibre Sectors Investment Brief

Information sheets

Infosheet – Learner Success (Word, 522 Kb)

Infosheet Ngā Kete information products (PDF, 1 Mb)

Infosheet: where to find labour market, skills and economic growth information to assist with Investment Plans (PDF, 610 Kb)


Additional Funding – 2022 in-year amendments

Following record levels of increased enrolments in 2021 and evidence of reduced enrolments for 2022 across many providers, TEC will take a targeted approach to providing TEOs additional funding for SAC and ITF funds in 2022. We will be focusing on high priority areas and provision, where there is demand for growth.  

This targeted approach will ensure our investment process is effective for the sector and the TEC while continuing to support learners, their whānau, employers and communities.

The targeted approach to additional funding will be for these specific funds:

  • Student Achievement Component Level 3 and above Fund (SAC3+)
  • Student Achievement Component Levels 1 and 2 Fund (SAC 1&2)
  • Industry Training Fund (ITF) and Youth Guarantee Fund (YG)

Additional Funding Request (AFR) application forms will not be available on our website for these funds. Your RMI/RA will provide you an abridged 2022 additional funding form template for SAC, YG and ITF if we consider that you meet the criteria for additional funding.

TEOs applying for the following funds must complete the 2022 in-year Additional Funding Request Application Template for TEOs form.

  • Adult and Community Education (ACE) Funds (ACE in Communities, ACE in Schools, and ACE in Tertiary Education Institute (TEIs))
  • Intensive Literacy and Numeracy Fund (ILN)
  • Intensive Literacy and Numeracy ESOL Fund (ILN ESOL)
  • TEO-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund (WLN TEO-led)
  • Intensive Literacy and Numeracy Refugee English Fund

The additional funding period is from 1 June to 30 September 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or the Customer Contact Group at or 0800 601 301.

Want to know more?

For more information about the Investment round, please contact your Relationship Manager or call our Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301.