Changing your Plan

Changing your Plan

Last updated 26 October 2022
Last updated 26 October 2022

Sometimes you need to make changes to your during the funding approval period. This page outlines the different types of changes, who can make them, and what steps you need to follow when making a change. 

When can you make a change?

You can make a change any time during the period of a Plan. The amount of time it takes for the change to be finalised depends on how complex it is. If you’re thinking about changing your Plan, your first step should be to contact your Investment Manager or our Customer Contact Group.

Types of change

Three types of changes can be made to a Plan. They are:

  1. an amendment
  2. a significant amendment
  3. a replacement Plan.

1. Amendment

An amendment is a change to a Plan that is not related to funding received from us and, therefore, doesn’t need our approval. Examples of this include changes to privately funded research or privately funded provision.

2. Significant amendment

A significant amendment is a change to a Plan that affects funding provided by us. This includes:

  • a change to any tertiary education programme or activity we have approved funding for
  • a change to any of the performance indicators used to measure achievement for tertiary education programmes or activities we have approved funding for.

A significant amendment can be proposed either by your organisation or by us and the process for making the amendment depends on who proposed it. The different processes are detailed in the .

A significant amendment forms part of the Plan and takes effect on the date we specify.

3. Replacement Plan

If there are major changes to your activities, your Plan can be superseded by a replacement Plan. An example is when a purchases another , and wants to provide the TEO’s tertiary education programmes and activities. If the PTE is looking to change the funding it receives from us, it might be appropriate to replace its current Plan.

A replacement Plan takes effect on the date we specify.

Who can propose a change to a Plan?

  • You can ask us to approve a significant amendment or replacement Plan.
  • We can propose a significant amendment to a Plan if this is necessary to ensure accountability for public funding.
  • We can ask you to review your Plan with a view to amending or replacing it.

Steps to take when proposing a significant amendment or replacement Plan

According to the Education and Training Act, if a TEO proposes a significant amendment or a replacement Plan, you need to:

  1. consult with all relevant stakeholders as well as any other person or group we specify
  2. work with us to prepare the proposed amendment or replacement Plan
  3. work with us on how to best implement the content of the significant amendment or replacement Plan.