Monitoring performance and reporting

Te aroturuki whakatutukitanga, pūrongo hoki

Last updated 12 May 2022
Last updated 12 May 2022

We monitor and support the performance of the we fund.

We do this to make sure they’re delivering the programmes outlined in their and to review their overall performance and financial viability from the point of view of the Government as an investor. TEOs also have to meet certain reporting requirements.

Monitoring Investment Plans

Together with each TEO, we monitor the delivery and performance commitments set out in its Investment Plan. We also monitor the courses, qualifications, programmes and number of enrolments each TEO has committed to in its Investment Plan and under- or over-delivery.

We monitor each TEO for how well it is delivering on the priority outcomes of the , its compliance with legislation and regulation and its compliance against other TEC funding conditions. We also monitor and audit the financial and non-financial performance of TEOs. This work helps us to make informed funding allocation decisions.

Plan Guidance

Tertiary Education Strategy

Over delivery

Reporting on performance

TEOs have to meet certain reporting requirements and:

  • monitor their progress towards the commitments agreed in their Investment Plans

  • collect evidence and send it to us, to show how they’re meeting their commitments

  • provide financial performance information.

We use this information to understand how well individual TEOs, and the sector as a whole, are progressing. We publish some comparative educational performance and outcomes information on our website, including the Tertiary Education Performance Report and Educational Performance Indicators.

We collect financial performance information from TEOs, and, in the case of tertiary education institutions (TEIs) only, publish this information annually on our website. 

We do not publish financial information from the private training establishments (PTEs) we fund as it is treated as commercial and in confidence.

Sector performance and tertiary education performance reports 
Performance of tertiary education organisations
Financial monitoring of tertiary education institutions

Financial monitoring and reporting

We have specific functions relating to the monitoring of TEOs we fund. We use a number of frameworks and functions to fulfil these obligations.

More information about our monitoring role can be found on the page Our role in monitoring the performance of the tertiary sector.

Other organisations involved in monitoring

Other organisations are also involved in monitoring performance in tertiary education: