Providing information and advice

Te tuku pārongo, tuku tohutohu hoki

Last updated 9 February 2021
Last updated 9 February 2021

We provide information and advice to the Government and the Minister of Education. We also provide information and advice to , other government agencies and external stakeholders.

Minister of Education 

Learner outcomes and TEO performance

We provide information and advice about learner outcomes and TEO performance, to support people to make better choices about what and where to study, and to encourage improvements in the performance of TEOs.

The areas we provide information and advice on include:

The information and advice we provide in these areas includes:

  • providing advice on the activities and performance of TEOs and the tertiary education sector
  • developing details of how to implement
  • providing information and advisory services to the Minister on the tertiary sector, tertiary education and training issues
  • working closely with, and providing advice to, agencies across government, to strengthen connections between tertiary education, the social sector and the labour market
  • publishing information on TEOs' performance, funds, educational performance and research.

Our performance

Each year, we report on the performance of our information and advice as part of our Annual Report.

These reports can be found on the Corporate publications page.