TTAF Monitoring and reporting

TTAF Monitoring and reporting

Last updated 7 June 2023
Last updated 7 June 2023

This page details how tertiary education organisations (TEOs) reported on Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) delivery, and how we monitored TEO performance.


The TEC monitored TEO compliance with funding conditions outlined in the funding agreement, including:

  • significant enrolment growth
  • enrolment transfers
  • withdrawals
  • retention of students
  • valid domestic student enrolments, and
  • any other substantial changes in the nature of delivery.

We undertook our monitoring activities through:

  • reviewing and analysing the information TEOs provided us with
  • reviewing and analysing information we received from other sources
  • auditing TEOs’ compliance with the terms and conditions through regular audit processes, and
  • initiating an investigation if we became concerned about anything that we think put students’ interests or public money at risk.


Where possible, the TEC made use of existing reporting channels. This included the SDR, ITR, STEO and MPTT reporting.

For SAC3+ funded TEOs, there was no change to the way TEOs reported Fees Free, MPTT or YG learners in the SDR. Learners who were enrolled in TTAF eligible qualifications were reported under the applicable SAC 3+ funding code.

Additional CSSF reporting was required for TEC to calculate, report on and pay TTAF CSSF fees.

For industry-training-funded TEOs, payments and recoveries were based on:

  • actual TTAF delivery of TTAF eligible programmes, as reported in the ITR
  • fees for Training and Assessment recorded in the Fee Schedule agreed between TEC and each TEO.

For industry-training-funded TEOs on the agreed fees approach, TEC made use of existing reporting channels including the ITR, and TEOs reported programme fees in the schedule of fees.

For industry training funded TEOs on the actuals fees approach, fees for programmes were reported in the schedule of fees, and TEOs reported each month on the TTAF Actuals reporting template via workspace 2.