Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting

Last updated 17 July 2020
Last updated 17 July 2020

This page provides information about tertiary education organisation (TEO) reporting on the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) delivery, and our monitoring of TEO performance.


The TEC will monitor TEO compliance with funding conditions outlined in your funding agreement, including:

  • significant enrolment growth;
  • enrolment transfers;
  • withdrawals;
  • retention of student;
  • valid domestic student enrolments; and
  • any other substantial changes in the nature of your delivery.

We will undertake our monitoring activities through:

  • reviewing and analysing the information you provide us;
  • reviewing and analysing information we receive from other sources;
  • auditing your compliance with the terms and conditions through our regular audit processes; and
  • initiating an investigation if we become concerned about anything that we think may put students’ interests or public money at risk.


Where possible, the TEC will make use of existing reporting channels. This includes the SDR, ITR, STEO and MPTT reporting. In most instances, there will be no additional reporting required in order for us to calculate, report on, and pay TTAF.

For Transitional ITOs, we will work with you to establish an appropriate process to determine the fees that will be used to calculate your final funding and any wash-up payments.

We may also request additional reporting as part of undertaking our regular monitoring functions.

Reporting requirements for Fees Free (SAC funded delivery)

Do we need to include details on TTAF, MPTT or YG courses that started before 1 July 2020 in our Fees Free report?

Yes, you should include these TTAF, MPTT or YG courses in your Fees Free report. You do not need to specify which learners are enrolled in your TTAF courses. Please report the learner’s full fees and EFTS in your Fees Free report, even if the course is partially covered by TTAF. We’ll exclude any TTAF fees for you based on the transition rules. This will enable the TEC to ensure we accurately determine the learner’s Fees Free consumption and carry-over, and ensure learners are not disadvantaged in the future.

Do we need to include details on TTAF, MPTT or YG courses that started after 1 July 2020 in our Fees Free report?

No, you are no longer required to give us details of the TTAF, MPTT or YG courses that start after 1 July 2020 in your monthly Fees Free reports, as these no longer consume Fees Free.

What if I have missed a learner off in a previous reporting round?

If a learner is not included in reporting before 1 July 2020 but should have been, then they should be included in your next Fees Free reporting round. 

Reporting requirements for the Single Data Return (SDR)

Which source of funding codes do we use in our SDR reporting for Fees Free and TTAF learners?

Learners enrolled in TTAF eligible qualifications are to be reported under the applicable SAC Level 3 and above, funding code.

There is no change to the way in which you report Fees Free, MPTT or YG learners in the SDR.

You should continue to report all other learners using the funding code applicable to the enrolment.

Please use the source codes outlined in the following table for your reporting:

Fund SDR code
SAC level 3+ eligible for TTAF or Fees Free applicable SAC funding code
YG 22
MPTT 28, 29

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