Interactions with other Funds

Interactions with other Funds

Last updated 6 September 2021
Last updated 6 September 2021

This page provides information about how the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) interacts with other Funds.

Enrolling and reporting on learners at Level 3 and above

This section provides guidance on how to enrol and report on learners at Level 3 and above in the following funds with the introduction of Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) on 1 July 2020:

  • Fees Free (FF),
  • Youth Guarantee (YG), and
  • Māori Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT).

What does the introduction of TTAF, and the change to Fees Free, mean for YG and MPTT?

  • We expect a learner that would have been enrolled as a MPTT or YG learner in the past, will continue to be enrolled through these funds whilst there are places available, rather than TTAF. This is because the MPTT and YG funds offer additional resources and pastoral care to learners that require it.
  • MPTT places should continue to be used as agreed with your consortia and TEC.
  • TTAF study does not use up Fees Free entitlements, and will not count as prior study in relation to any future Fees Free entitlement.
  • Changes to Fees Free rules mean that MPTT and YG enrolments after 1 July 2020 will no longer use up a learner’s Fees Free entitlement or count as prior study. This means learners will not be disadvantaged by being enrolled in these initiatives.
  • The TEC will include reviewing enrolment source of funding (SOF) codes in its monitoring activity.

If we enrol a learner in TTAF instead of YG or MPTT, what is the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC’s) position on this?

  • If you choose to:
    • enrol a learner under SAC Level 3 and above, in a TTAF eligible programme; and
    • prior to TTAF being available you would have ordinarily enrolled that learner under MPTT (SOF 28,29) or YG (SOF 22);

you are required to support this learner in the same way that you would have supported them via MPTT or YG. 

  • You will be required to self-fund this same level of support that would have been provided had those learners been enrolled in MPTT or YG. No additional funding will be provided for this support. This requirement can be found in your funding agreement at clause 40(c).

The Ministry of Education are considering the impact of TTAF on YG and MPTT settings for learners and Tertiary Education Organisations. Any changes will be communicated following the Minister’s agreement to any changes to the YG and MPTT funding parameters.

TTAF interaction with Fees Free

If a learner enrols in a TTAF course after 1 July 2020 are they eligible for Fees Free?

  • Qualifications and programmes included in the TTAF target areas are excluded from Fees Free. In other words, where both could apply, the learner’s fees are funded by the TTAF, and not through Fees Free funding.
  • Learners undertaking TTAF programmes:
    • will not use up their Fees Free entitlements; and
    • will not have this learning count as prior study for the limits under Fees Free.
  • This means that if a learner is enrolled in a TTAF course it will not count towards the use of their Fees Free entitlement.

If a learner has completed a TTAF course and goes on to further study, are they eligible for Fees Free?

  • A Fees Free eligible learner who completed a TTAF course, will still be entitled to the full Fees Free entitlement (the lower of $12,000, or 1 EFT of tertiary education, or two years of industry training) for any additional study they undertake. If the learner has used some of their entitlement prior to TTAF, then they will be able to access their remaining entitlement after TTAF.
  • While we do not anticipate any changes to the Fees Free policy for 2021, the availability and eligibility rules for Fees Free from 2021 is subject to policy decisions, and, we cannot guarantee that learners will be able to access Fees Free funding following the end of TTAF.

What are the rules for SAC funded TTAF courses that started before 1 July 2020?            

  • If a learner who is eligible for Fees Free enrolled in a TTAF course that began before 1 July 2020, this is how their course will be pro-rated between Fees Free and TTAF.
Course Start Date Percentage of course post 1 July Included in TTAF Included in Fees Free
1 January – 30 April 2020 50% to less than 75% 50% 50%
1 January – 30 April 2020 75% or more 100% 0%
1 May – 30 June 2020 33% or more 100% 0%

Learners will not need to apply to the Tertiary Education Commission for these changes to be reflected in their Fees Free entitlements. However, it will take time for the Tertiary Education Commission to process these changes so that they are reflected in an individual’s Fees Free entitlement information.

MPTT and YG interaction with Fees Free

For information on changes to the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) and Youth Guarantee (YG) funds as a result of TTAF, please see the MPTT and YG fund finder pages:

Youth Guarantee – interactions with TTAF and Fees Free

Māori and Pasifika Trades Training – interactions with TTAF and Fees Free

Reporting requirements for Fees Free

Do we need to include details on TTAF, MPTT or YG courses that started before 1 July 2020 in our Fees Free report?

  • Yes, you should include these TTAF, MPTT or YG courses in your Fees Free report. You do not need to specify which learners are enrolled in your TTAF courses. We will exclude any TTAF courses based on the transition rules when determining learners’ entitlement use.
    This will enable the TEC to ensure we accurately determine the learner’s fees-free consumption and carry-over, and ensure learners are not disadvantaged in the future.

Do we need to include details on TTAF, MPTT or YG courses that started after 1 July 2020 in our Fees Free report?

  • No, you are no longer required to give us details of the TTAF, MPTT or YG courses that start after 1 July 2020 in your monthly Fees Free reports, as these no longer consume Fees Free.

What if I have missed a learner off in a previous reporting round?

  • If a learner is not included in reporting before 1 July 2020 but should have been, then they should be included in your next Fees Free reporting round. 

Reporting requirements for the Single Data Return (SDR)

Which source of funding codes do we use in our SDR reporting for Fees Free and TTAF learners?

  • Learners enrolled in TTAF eligible qualifications are to be reported under the applicable SAC Level 3 and above, funding code.
  • There is no change to the way in which you report Fees Free, MPTT or YG learners in the SDR.
  • You should continue to report all other learners using the funding code applicable to the enrolment.
  • Please use the source codes outlined in the following table for your reporting:
Fund SDR Code
SAC level 3+ eligible for TTAF or Fees Free applicable SAC funding code
YG 22
MPTT 28, 29

Process to manage TEO Fees Free credits/refunds

We will set-off any amounts already paid by Fees Free

  • The TTAF funding agreement states that we are not liable to pay fees on behalf of a student to the extent that their fees have been paid through the fees free tertiary education initiative. The means that where a learners fees had been paid by Fees Free based on fees reported in the FF06 prior to the introduction of TTAF, these fees are considered to have already been paid, and no further payment will be made.
  • We will determine the amount of Fees Free already paid and notify you of these amounts via Workspace 2. This amount will then be deducted from your actual TTAF delivery.