Making a complaint – Quality Evaluation 2026

Making a complaint – Quality Evaluation 2026

Last updated 30 November 2023
Last updated 30 November 2023

This page provides information on making a complaint about tertiary education organisations’ (TEOs’) practices in applying the PBRF Quality Evaluation 2026 guidelines.

How to make a complaint

TEC has established a process for reporting complaints about TEOs’ practices in applying the PBRF Guidelines for Quality Evaluation 2026. Any party with concerns can make an anonymous report to Deloitte and TEC through the web link below. 

Deloitte will investigate all complaints received and inform the TEC of the outcome. TEC will be responsible for determining any actions taken.

Use this form to make an anonymous complaint.

What is this form?

This form allows any party to anonymously report a complaint to Deloitte and TEC about a TEO's practices in applying the guidelines for PBRF Quality Evaluation 2026.

Important information about completing this form

While there is an option to provide your name and other contact details to Deloitte and TEC, this is not required to submit the form. Please note that if your complaint is submitted anonymously Deloitte and TEC will be unable to communicate with you about your complaint.

If you wish to update or correct the information you have provided, you can do so by submitting a new form. Please include enough information to allow us to match a new submission to the relevant previous submissions.

Once you submit this form, you will not be able to access it again. TEC can provide a copy of the form if you contact the TEC via and we can verify your identity by matching it to the details you provided in the form.