Korowai system map

Mahere pūnaha korowai

Last updated 5 January 2023
Last updated 5 January 2023

This image of a korowai is a visual tool illustrating the structure of Aotearoa’s new vocational education system. It has been designed for use by the sector and can be downloaded, printed or used digitally.

The korowai illustrates the structure of Aotearoa's new vocational education system. To find out more about this image, go to the link describing what the different aspects of the korowai represent.

PDF version of the korowai system map (PDF 10 MB)

A korowai is a traditional handwoven Māori cloak featuring hukahuka (tassel adornment), worn for important occasions. This korowai represents the vocational education system, and the way the korowai is woven together represents the way the system works. Like a korowai, the system wraps around the learner, their whānau, iwi and industry to deliver the skills that learners, employers and communities need to thrive in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Read more about what the different aspects of the korowai represent