Ethical data analytics

Ethical data analytics

Last updated 4 February 2021
Last updated 4 February 2021

Information to guide TEOs on the policy, procedure and principles for the safe and effective use of data and analytics.

Data analytics ethics policy and procedure

The following policy and procedure templates are designed to be adapted by your organisation.

  • Data analytics ethics policy (Word, 31 Kb) ensures that all use of student data is carried out ethically and in accordance with all legal requirements.
  • Data analytics ethics procedure (Word, 38 Kb) applies to the staff and students who manage data for any analytical purposes. It recognises that there are privacy risks around analysing student data and outlines procedures and responsibilities to manage this effectively.

Principles for the safe and effective use of data and analytics

The Privacy Commissioner and the Government Chief Data Steward have jointly developed six key principles to support safe and effective data analytics. Using these principles in systems and thinking means stronger, more secure and safer data use.

The six principles are:

  • deliver clear public benefit
  • ensure data is fit for purpose
  • focus on people
  • maintain transparency
  • understand the limitations
  • retain human oversight.

The Privacy Commissioner’s website provides: