Work-based learning dyslexia resources

Work-based learning dyslexia resources

Last updated 23 September 2022
Last updated 23 September 2022

Resources and tools to support work-based learning providers and their associated organisations to meet the needs of work-based learners with dyslexia.

Becoming neurodiversity smart

Dyslexia is a type of neurodivergence. There is increasing awareness of neurodiversity as a category of diversity that requires inclusion. Organisations globally, across multiple industries, are becoming neurodiversity smart.

Around 10% of people are neurodivergent, so those providing work-based learning should make sure they are inclusive. This will help them to attract and retain a wider variety of trainees and apprentices who can give their best in terms of productivity and innovation.

Resources and tools to help meet the needs of learners with dyslexia/neurodiversity

Tertiary education organisations (TEOs) are often aware of the learning support needs of their students who are entering work-based placements/arrangements. Some workplaces have agreements with providers to deliver supports for dyslexic and other neurodivergent learners.

Please note: We have gathered these resources from a wide range of sources. Neurodiversity/dyslexia is an evolving field. We have made every effort to ensure that all sources are reputable. However, their inclusion does not indicate endorsement by the TEC.

More information and resources will be added over time.

New Zealand organisations and resources

Workbridge – the largest New Zealand-owned employment service for people with a disability or health condition. They provide support and advice for disabled people and employers

Services for employers – SPELD NZ – advice from SPELD NZ, a national organisation providing assessment, information and training on specific learning disabilities for learners, educators and employers

Dyslexia in the workplace – Diversity Works NZ

SBC Thriving Voices – The strengths of a neurodiverse workforce – Sustainable Business Council podcast on neurodiversity

If you want a resilient workplace – make it a neuro-inclusive one – Aurecon – an article on neurodiverse workplaces, from multinational engineering and design company Aurecon

Overseas organisations and resources

Made by Dyslexia – workplace-focused information from a UK website funded by people with dyslexia

Neurodiversity at Work – a guide for HR professionals and leaders who want to learn more about neurodiversity, the benefits for their organisation, and how they can support neurodivergent people to be comfortable and successful at work

The value of dyslexia – Ernst Young