Dyslexia resources

Dyslexia resources

Last updated 23 September 2022
Last updated 23 September 2022

Information, resources and tools to help tertiary education organisations (TEOs) meet the needs of learners with dyslexia/neurodiversity. Best practice for these learners is best practice for all learners.

Becoming neurodiversity-capable will support your learner success approach

Fundamental to the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC’s) Ōritetanga learner success approach is understanding all learners and their needs and aspirations.

These resources can be used alongside the Kia Ōrite Toolkit, and are a vital resource for TEOs developing a Disability Action Plan. Together these will help TEOs to redesign their businesses with learners at the centre.

Ōritetanga – tertiary success for everyone

Kia Ōrite Toolkit

Disability Action Plans

Resources and tools to help meet the needs of learners with dyslexia/neurodiversity

Dyslexia is a type of neurodivergence. The TEC is committed to actively supporting TEOs to deliver quality education and training to learners with dyslexia and other neurodivergent conditions.

We have pulled together resources from New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world to assist you to provide inclusive education to those learners.

Please note: We have gathered these resources from a wide range of sources. Neurodiversity/dyslexia is an evolving field. We have made every effort to ensure that all sources are reputable. However, their inclusion does not indicate endorsement by the TEC.

More information and resources will be added over time.

New Zealand Report – International Practice in Support of Dyslexic Learners in Tertiary Education

As background work to develop our advice in this area, we commissioned a subject matter expert, supported by an advisory group, to produce a report on international practice supporting dyslexic learners in tertiary education. We hope TEOs and those working in the adult education field find this summary report helpful.

Please note, the report on International Practice in Support of Dyslexic Learners in Tertiary Education was republished in June 2022 however none of the content has changed.

Overview books on dyslexia

Dyslexia decoded: what it is, what it isn't, and what you can do about it by Sue Dymock and Tom Nicholson (2012)

The New Zealand dyslexia handbook by Tom Nicholson and Sue Dymock (2015)

Positive dyslexia by Roderick Nicolson (2015)

Screening and assessment


Diagnostic assessment – SPELD NZ


LADS Plus – GL Assessment – a digital assessment to screen for dyslexia  

Quickscreen for Individuals – QS Dyslexia Tests – an online dyslexia test for adults

Dyslexia Adult Screening Test – a test to help screen for dyslexia and other learning difficulties

Assistive technologies

New Zealand

Assistive Technology – provider of a range of assistive technology products

TEC may be able to assist with links to support resources. Please email us, or phone 0800 601 301.


Assistive Technology – the Dyslexia Association, United Kingdom

New Zealand case studies and research

Case studies

Mentoring and dyslexia support in action

Divergent Thinkers – Former Kāpiti College students reflect on their journeys since leaving their neurodiversity-focused class at school


Linda M. Rowan. It's not all black and white: the transition of students with dyslexia into the first year of university study (master’s thesis, Massey University, 2010)

Linda M. Rowan. Learning with dyslexia in secondary school in New Zealand: What can we learn from students’ past experiences? Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, 15(1), 2010

Linda M. Rowan. University transition experiences of four students with dyslexia in New Zealand. Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, 19(2), 2014

Ruth Gibbons. "It’s all of these puzzle pieces”: The representation and the manifest discourse of dyslexic experience (doctoral thesis, Massey University, 2016)

Resources from overseas

Dyslexia Resource Guide – Australian Disability Clearing House for Education and Training (ADCET)

ADCET Webinar: Supporting students with dyslexia at university

Dyslexia friendly style guide – British Dyslexia Association – a guide to presenting text in a dyslexia-friendly format

Adult Checklist – British Dyslexia Association – a checklist to encourage better self-understanding of dyslexia, and a useful conversation starter

Made by Dyslexia – a UK website funded by people with dyslexia

Dyslexia at Oxford – a visual film and photography project in conversation with students, alumni, staff, tutors and researchers at the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University, and members of the local community, about dyslexia, exploring the strengths and challenges of having different brain wiring. Shared with kind permission from the University of Oxford

Declaration of Rights – The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity – a declaration of rights for people with dyslexia

Supporting dyslexic students on practice placements – University of Southampton School of Health Sciences

New Zealand resources for work-based learning providers

Workplaces should help work-based learners with dyslexia feel safe and valued.

Work-based learning dyslexia resources