Completing your April 2020 SDR

Completing your April 2020 SDR

Last updated 3 April 2020
Last updated 3 April 2020

This section provides information to help you submit your April 2020 Single Data Return (SDR).

Education agencies are aware of the stresses and challenges upon tertiary education organisations (TEOs); and that your primary focus at this time will be on your students, staff and families.

Wherever possible, we are doing all we can to reduce or remove any compliance requirements facing the tertiary sector during this period.

What you need to know

The April 2020 SDR round will open on 16 April and close on 29 April 2020. We ask that TEOs make their best endeavours to submit their April SDR on time. However, we accept that for a number of reasons, your data may need to be indicative or incomplete and we can fix it up with you at a later date if necessary.

What is needed from you for the April 2020 SDR?

  • Please focus on ensuring 2019 completion data is as accurate as possible.

What isn’t needed for the April 2020 SDR due to COVID-19?

  • TEOs do not need to submit 2020 forecasts, and
  • We do not need Chief Executives or Vice Chancellors to approve a TEO’s April SDR before it is submitted if this places an extra administrative burden on the TEO.

New providers

For help on filing your first SDR return please contact us as soon as possible on 0800 601 301 or

Changes for the April 2020 SDR

Updates to SDR Manual (V)

The Ministry of Education (MoE) and Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) have released an updated version of the SDR manual. This is available on the Education Services website and we suggest you read through the changes prior to submitting your SDR.  

Qualification award category (QAC) for training scheme

Two new QAC codes for training schemes will be added in the April 2020 SDR. These new codes have been introduced to identify training schemes as formal or non-formal. You can continue to use the previous QAC codes.

The table below sets out the new codes

QAC Code Description ISCED level NZQF level
55 Formal Training Scheme, not otherwise defined at NZQF levels 3-6 1-10
91 Non-Formal Training Scheme, not otherwise defined N/A N/A

Key dates

15 April 2020 Extract date for the April 2020 SDR
16 April 2020 SDR round opens
29 April 2020 SDR round closes

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