Funding and payments

Funding and payments

Last updated 13 January 2023
Last updated 13 January 2023

This page provides information about how Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) TEO-led funding is set, funding allocation, funding rate, funding calculation, payment and funding recovery.  

These pages relate to WLN TEO-led funding. See Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy for information about the WLN Employer-led funding.


The Literacy and Numeracy provision funding mechanism is issued by the Minister responsible for tertiary education. The funding mechanism outlines the general form and essential components of the fund. It provides the mandate for us to allocate the funding and what the funding can be used for, and details how we administer the fund.

Funding is agreed through a tertiary education organisation’s (TEO’s) Investment Plan (Plan).

A TEO that receives WLN funding (TEO-led) is required to:

Funding for WLN is set through the Government’s annual budget process. We determine the appropriate amount of WLN TEO-led funding for a TEO.

Through each TEO’s Plan, we agree the mix of provision (MoP). This includes the:

  • programmes that the funding can be used for
  • allocation of funding towards each programme, and
  • volume of delivery expected from each programme.


WLN TEO-led funding is paid in monthly instalments. The payment amounts are in equal instalments from January to June, and in equal instalments from July to December. 

Funding allocation

2023 TEO-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy indicative allocations

The 2023 indicative allocation is our early estimate of each TEO’s ‘On-Plan’ funding that each TEO could receive for 2023 if their Investment Plan is approved for funding. We calculate the indicative allocation using a set of allocation methodologies. The indicative allocation methodologies are specific to each fund and are reviewed and revised every year to ensure alignment to funding determinations and the current tertiary environment.

2023 indicative allocations are made available through the My Allocations and Payments app on Ngā Kete on 1st June 2022. This will include additional details that provide the additional breakdown for the allocations.

The details of the 2023 indicative allocation can be found within the 2023 Global Indicative Allocations Methodology [PDF] (PDF, 514 KB) document.

For more details regarding your specific allocation, please contact or your Relationship Manager.

Funding rate

WLN TEO-led provision is funded at a fixed rate of $77.57 per hour of face-to-face literacy, numeracy, or literacy and numeracy, tuition.

For funding from 1 January 2023, the funding rate for TEO-led WLN will increase by a further 2.75% to $80.66 per hour. This is in addition to the 1.2% increase that was applied for the 2022 fund rate.

Each hour of provision not attended by the learner is not to be reported and is not funded.

Note: Delivery to learners receiving less than 25, and more than 80, hours (if eligible) is also funded, not just delivery to learners receiving 25 to 80 hours. See Eligibility (Programme eligibility).

Funding wash-ups

The methodology and technical specifications for the calculation of 2022 funding wash-ups can be found in the 2022 Global Wash-up Methodology document.

2022 Global Wash-up Methodology (PDF, 1.1 MB)