TEO-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund

TEO-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund

Last updated 9 June 2017
Last updated 9 June 2017

Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) – TEO-led funding supports the provision of literacy and numeracy programmes for employees to increase their literacy and numeracy skills, and contribute to workplace productivity. 

Reduction in funding announced in Budget 2016

As part of Budget 2016, the maximum funding rate in the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) TEO-led fund has been reduced, with savings to be re-invested into further literacy and numeracy provision. Due to demand, in 2018, $1.5m will be transferred from WLN TEO-led to WLN Employer-led with a further $1.5m to be transferred in 2019. Individual allocations may also reflect additional performance reductions.

We fund workplace literacy and numeracy provision to:

  • increase the literacy and numeracy skills of employees, and
  • contribute to workplace productivity through the provision and evaluation of literacy and numeracy learning in a workplace context.

This is achieved by:

  • providing literacy and numeracy programmes of study or training to employees, and
  • supporting workplaces to establish sustainable workplace literacy and numeracy provision.

Initiatives funded through WLN should support high-quality learning that is tailored to the needs of the workplace.

These pages relate to WLN TEO-led funding. See Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy for information about the WLN Employer-led funding.