Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting

Last updated 7 May 2021
Last updated 7 May 2021

How schools report on Gateway funding and how we monitor their performance. Also explains the 75 percent enrolment requirement.


See the following conditions for reporting requirements.

Please also note the following:

  • Schools must report on Gateway programmes through Workspace 2 using the template provided. The first Gateway enrolments report is due before 5pm on the first Friday of term 3 and the second is due before 5pm on 20 December each year.
  • The first report covers terms 1 and 2 and should not include workplace placements with a start date later than the last day of term 2.
  • The second report should include all the school’s workplace placements for the year, including those that were included in the first report.
  • Unit standard results are reported separately on the template we provide you in Workspace 2. This report is due before 5pm on the last Friday in February of the following year.

For more information see the Gateway Handbook (PDF 404 KB)).

The sample templates below give you an idea of the data you need to provide.

Data collection for Gateway (PDF 500 KB)

Data collection for Gateway Unit Standard Results (PDF 495 KB) 


It is expected that, on average, students on Gateway programmes will achieve 20 credits on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) or 20 National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) credits, drawn from Vocational Pathways.

If a school achieves less than this, it is unlikely to be eligible to apply for an increase in places and may have its funding allocation reduced.

In addition, we use the following measures to assess Gateway programme performance:

  • the number of students enrolled
  • individual learning plans for each student
  • average credit achievement by students
  • achievement of employment and further training outcomes by students
  • Māori and Pasifika student participation, and
  • any other matter or aspect of Gateway provision we consider relevant.

Average credit achievement 

We measure the schools 20 credit achievement level based on the average credits achieved by students across a school's Gateway group. Not all students need to achieve 20 credits – some may achieve less while others may achieve more.

We consider performance against the credit achievement level when we make future funding decisions, although meeting the 20 credit achievement level is not necessarily a guarantee of future funding.

For more information see the Gateway Handbook (PDF 404 KB).

Delivery volumes – 75 percent requirement 

We expect schools to enrol students in at least 75 percent of their funded places (work placements) by the end of term 2. Following the mid-year enrolment report, we use this enrolment volume data as a basis for talking to schools about how their Gateway programme is tracking.

We consider performance against the 75 percent benchmark when we make future funding decisions, although meeting the 75 percent benchmark is not necessarily a guarantee of future funding.

We expect schools to fill 100 percent of their agreed Gateway places by the end of the calendar year. We calculate this as the total number of students on the programme as a percentage of the funded Gateway places.

If enrolments at your school are likely to be significantly below the number of places we agreed on, please discuss options with our Customer Contact Group.