Funding and payments

Funding and payments

Last updated 7 May 2018
Last updated 7 May 2018

How Gateway funding is set and payments are made. Also includes funding recoveries, funding allocation and the process for decreasing enrolments.


The Gateway funding mechanism is issued by the Minister responsible for tertiary education. The funding mechanism outlines the general form and essential components of the fund. It provides the mandate for us to allocate the funding and what the funding can be used for, and details how we administer the fund.

Funding is agreed off-Plan via a funding confirmation letter. A school that receives Gateway funding is required to:

We provide Gateway funding so schools can meet the costs of arranging and managing workplace learning for enrolled students, including workplace assessment.

A school can either manage the Gateway programme itself, or use a broker to provide all or part of the programme on its behalf.

While a school may use the funding to meet the costs of a broker, Gateway funding is not to be used to pay for students to attend courses provided by tertiary education organisations. The value of the programme lies in the way it supports students’ transition into the workplace .

Accessing Gateway funding

If your school doesn’t receive Gateway funding currently, and is interested in doing so, please submit an application to us before 31 August.

To apply, complete the Gateway Funding Application Form (Word, 30 Kb).

Please also read these web pages and the Gateway Handbook (PDF, 855 Kb) about ensuring that your school delivers a high-quality Gateway programme.

We consider applications in September for funding for the following calendar year. As we have a limited amount of funding to allocate, we consider an application from a new school only if sufficient funding is available.

Please contact our Sector Helpdesk to find out more about how to apply.   

Funding allocation 

When allocating Gateway funding, we consider:

  • whether a school is eligible
  • the appropriate number of Gateway students for the school, based on previous delivery levels, and
  • average unit standard credit achievement by students on the Gateway programmes the school offers. 

Gateway funding is allocated per place on a sliding scale – as the number of places increases, the amount of funding per place decreases (the first place is funded at $2,844.00 and 85 or more places are funded at $1,022.22 per place (excluding GST)). 

Full details of the payment rates are available in Gateway – funding rate sliding scale (Excel, 40 Kb).

Schools that are new to Gateway are eligible for an establishment payment of $4,444.00 (excluding GST) to assist with set-up costs.

For more details see the Gateway Handbook (PDF, 855 Kb).

Decreasing your funded Gateway places 

You can ask to reduce your funded Gateway places if you are likely to enrol fewer students in the programme than you agreed to.

If your school knows it won’t use all of its Gateway allocation for a particular year, please contact the Sector Helpdesk as soon as you can.

To apply for a reduction in Gateway places, complete our Proposal for decreased places form (Word, 39 Kb) and email it to our Sector Helpdesk


Gateway funding is paid in monthly instalments. The payment amounts are in equal instalments from January to June, and in equal instalments from July to December.

Funding recoveries

Gateway funding is payable for the number of eligible students (places) enrolled in the programme (that is, the number of students undertaking structured workplace learning) up to the number of places specified in the school’s funding confirmation letter.

If a school delivers less than 100 percent of the places for which it is funded, we will recover the funding for those places. We will inform schools if any recovery will be required early in the following year.

For more information see your funding confirmation letter. 

Suspending or revoking Gateway funding

If we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that a school has not met or is not meeting the conditions on funding we may revoke or suspend the funding under section 159ZF of the Education Act 1989.

Principles for 2019 funding allocation

We will calculate your indicative allocation using prior performance data

This will include:

  • delivery volume (number of distinct learner enrolments), and
  • average credit achievement data (per learner).

Your previous performance against these measures will determine your indicative allocation.

Your eligibility to receive funding is subject to criteria outlined in the relevant funding mechanism.

Please note, your indicative funding allocation is not a guarantee of your final funding allocation.

Your final allocation will be based on your Investment Plan, performance and other strategic considerations

We will consider your performance information alongside strategic priorities as outlined in Plan Guidance, the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES), the Focus Area Briefs and Investment Briefs.

Based on these considerations your allocation may stay the same or decrease. Alternatively, you may receive a nil allocation.

We will only consider an increase to funding where the tertiary education organisation (TEO) has requested it and they are high-performing. We will address requests for funding increases as part of our engagement process following the submission of draft Investment Plans or proposal if you are Plan exempt.

We may take into account any other measure that we determine to be appropriate when allocating funding.

We will recover for under-delivery or for funding you weren’t entitled to receive

See Funding recoveries.