Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting

Last updated 1 May 2019
Last updated 1 May 2019

This page provides information about employers’ reporting on Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) Employer-led delivery, and our monitoring of their performance.

It outlines the monitoring and reporting of this fund. See TEO-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy for information about the TEO-led strand.


See the following conditions for WLN Employer-led reporting and delivery volume requirements.

An employer delivering WLN Employer-led training must supply us with the following reports as outlined in its funding confirmation letter:

  • a first progress report
  • a second progress report, and
  • a final report. 

Each report must be submitted to the employer’s TEC Relationship Manager by the date outlined in the organisation's funding confirmation letter. 

We have a continuing interest in supporting sustainable workplace literacy and numeracy programmes that benefit employees and employers. We will continue to provide advice and guidance to support employer programmes.


Only learner attended, face-to-face tuition is to be reported.


We work with employers, including through face-to-face visits to:

  • better understand employer performance and needs
  • improve our operational policy
  • promote access to WLN Employer-led funding and other funding
  • monitor employer performance and compliance with funding conditions (set out in the employer’s funding confirmation letter), and
  • inform our decisions about future funding.

We monitor:

  • how well the employer delivers the programme set out in their approved application, including changes they make as the programme progresses
  • workplace achievement against the employer’s productivity measures
  • employees’ literacy and numeracy skill level gains, and
  • employer compliance with funding conditions and legislative requirements.

Compliance with funding conditions

Monitoring compliance with funding conditions includes but is not limited to:

Evidence of improving learner literacy and numeracy skills as measured using the Assessment Tool may also be considered by us as part of measuring performance in the future.

Hours of delivery

We monitor whether the employer’s hours of face-to-face provision to each learner is between 25 and 80 hours.

Intensity of delivery

We monitor whether the employer’s provision is delivered at the intensity of 40 hours over a 10 to 40 week period (or part thereof).