Last updated 1 May 2019
Last updated 1 May 2019

This page sets out the eligibility criteria for employers, programmes and learners for Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) Employer-led funding. See WLN TEO-led for information about WLN TEO-led funding.

Employer eligibility

See Condition: Organisation eligibility for employer eligibility requirements.

Programme eligibility

See the following conditions for programme eligibility requirements.

For “a tutor who holds an appropriate qualification” requirements (see Condition: Programme eligibility), refer to our  literacy and numeracy capability information, including national literacy and numeracy qualifications for educators.

Tuition must be delivered to each learner face-to-face.

Employers that receive WLN funding must demonstrate that they will:

  • complete a workplace literacy and numeracy analysis for the business
  • develop a customised and structured literacy and numeracy learning programme
  • maintain auditable records of employee participation and learning gain
  • determine explicit business outcomes linked to the programme, and report progress on these which we may audit, and
  • ensure the business has sufficient commitment and expertise, where viable, to continue contributing to raising employees' literacy and numeracy skills at the conclusion of the programme when funding ceases.

Note: ‘subcontracting’ in Condition: Subcontracting refers to a situation in which an employer uses WLN Employer-led funding to pay another organisation to deliver any part of the programme on its behalf.

Hours of delivery

The total hours of literacy, numeracy, or literacy and numeracy tuition delivered per learner is expected to be between 25 and 80 hours.

Intensity of delivery

The literacy, numeracy, or literacy and numeracy, tuition is to be delivered at the intensity of 40 hours over a 10 to 40 week period. 

The reason for this approach (rather than a range of hours per week) is to provide flexibility for employers to ensure the delivery model meets both employer and employee needs. Delivery could, for example, be weekly, or it could be in blocks with breaks of several weeks between.


Calculating time period for delivery for a 25 hour WLN Employer-led programme:

25 hours/40 hours = 0.625 (proportion)

0.625 x 10 weeks = 6.25 weeks (shortest 25 hour programme duration)

0.625 x 40 weeks = 25 weeks (longest 25 hour programme duration)

The 25 hour programme must be delivered over at least 6.25 weeks (rounded up to the nearest whole day) and over no more than 25 weeks.

Learner eligibility

See Condition: Learner eligibility for learner eligibility requirements.