Eligibility – learner component

Eligibility – learner component

Last updated 22 May 2023
Last updated 22 May 2023

Providers that receive vocational education and training (VET) funding are eligible for funding under the learner component of the Unified Funding System (UFS). You do not need to apply. Instead, the funding is allocated as part of your overall funding for VET.

Funding calculations are based on learners from four groups

Learner component funding is calculated based on the enrolments of four groups of learners who traditionally have not been well served by the VET system. These groups are:

  • learners with low prior achievement
  • disabled learners
  • Māori learners
  • Pacific learners.

These groups serve as a proxy for learners who need additional support to be successful in VET. They are a way to allocate funding that approximates the level of need among each provider’s learner population.

This does not mean that funding should only be used for learners in these four groups. Instead, providers are expected to:

  • identify the unique needs of all their learners
  • make decisions about how to support them, and
  • use the learner component funding accordingly.

The learner component performance element

The performance element is 20 percent of each provider’s total learner component allocation.

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and providers agree to performance expectations for supporting learners’ success. These performance expectations will be agreed as part of the annual Investment Plan process, so they are relevant to the unique needs of each provider’s learner population.

Performance expectations are intended to align with the provider’s wider performance commitments, and with Learner Success Plans where relevant. They are also intended to improve outcomes in alignment with the Minister’s priorities.

For information on requirements for different providers, see Performance element requirements from 2024.

For information on implementation in 2023, see Targeted implementation of the performance element.