Induction and professional development for TEI councils

Induction and professional development for TEI councils

Last updated 20 October 2022
Last updated 20 October 2022

To be effective in their role, council members of must be up to date with the challenges and opportunities their organisation faces, the regional environment in which it operates, and the Government’s priorities for the tertiary sector.


Each TEI is responsible for inducting new council members. A good induction includes a programme to introduce new council members to senior managers and the institution, including its achievements and the issues it faces. The programme might also include a tour of the campus.

We provide briefings for council members at least once each year. Presently these are via short webinars held over two or three consecutive weeks, to enable as many TEI council members as possible, both new and not so new, to attend. These sessions provide an overview of the tertiary sector and TEI governance, an opportunity to discuss experiences and challenges, and to share best practice also.

We expect appointees to have governance experience, so our briefings don’t tell you how to be a council member or provide information about specific TEIs, although we may talk about trends across the sector. 

We encourage you to attend one of our webinars for council members if you haven’t already done so.

Professional development

To promote good governance and best practice, we encourage TEI council members to join the Institute of Directors.

Institute of Directors

The Institute offers various courses in director development, professional development training and board evaluation.