Step 2: Business case development

Step 2: Business case development

Last updated 2 November 2016
Last updated 2 November 2016

This page provides guidance on developing business cases for projects or individual proposals (either two-stage or single-stage) and programmes of work.

The five case model

The five cases are not discrete business case deliverables but embedded into the business case development process. They provide an organising structure for the underlying analysis and communications to stakeholders.

  1. Strategic case - this demonstrates that the proposal is well-aligned to government policy objectives (such as the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES)) and to the tertiary education institution's (TEI's) local and regional strategies. The strategic case must provide a robust and well-evidenced case for change and clearly specify the investment objectives and critical success factors of the business case. The focus must be on investment objectives driving capital investment, not the other way round.
  2. Economic case - this is intended to show that all viable options for delivering the required services and meeting the investment objectives have been thoroughly analysed. The preferred option is expected to represent the best value for money for the Crown from a national economy perspective and for the tertiary institution under various future scenarios.
  3. Commercial case - this is intended to show that the preferred option will result in a transparent, accountable and sustainable procurement arrangement that achieves desired outcomes and provides value for money.
  4. Financial case - this shows that the preferred option can be funded and is affordable to both the Government and the TEI under various future scenarios including the status quo.
  5. Management case - this shows that the preferred option can be delivered successfully using best practice project and programme management. This includes setting processes in place for change, risk and contract management, as well as managing the on-going delivery of expected benefits.

Project and programme business cases

Business case owners and writers can obtain the appropriate templates and guidance on the Better Business Case section of The Treasury website. The templates are in MS Word format and include guidance on the information and evidence required.

Templates, guidance and tools for projects
When to use Business Case Pages Link includes
Tools and templates Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool (XLS 232 KB)  Economic analysis tool to enable business case writers to prepare a net-present-value (NPV) analysis to present in business case template.
Long-List Options Identification Tool (XLS 58 KB) Spreadsheet tool to enable business case writers to present the long-list of options considered in the economic case and how these have been honed to a short-list of viable options (normally four or five options).