Global resources and webinars

Global resources and webinars

Last updated 29 April 2020
Last updated 29 April 2020

These resources and webinars from across the world will help your tertiary education organisation (TEO) to build and enhance the quality of your online teaching resources and practices.

Please note: We have gathered the resources on this page to make it quicker and easier for you to find information to support your transition to teaching online. While we have made every effort to ensure sources are reputable, inclusion of content does not indicate endorsement from the Tertiary Education Commission.

Online teaching and learning through disruption (USA, Achieving the Dream, March/April 2020)

Achieving the Dream (ATD) has a series of webinars to support student success in a fully remote teaching and learning environment. In each session, the focus was on:

  • Providing the strategies, tools, and knowledge needed to adjust to educational and social disruptions
  • Helping connect peers, communities of practice, and other valuable external resources
  • Hearing immediate needs that will inform the development of just-in-time resources and services to help address the needs

Each webinar is around 50 minutes in length. Downloadable PDF resources are associated with each webinar.

ATD have compiled actionable resources providing guidance and key takeaways found from institutions across the USA who have shared their expertise, along with ATD assets. The resources are specific to the USA college system, but there is good content on student support provision which is applicable to all higher education providers. All material can be downloaded for free.

Other ATD webinars are available at

TEO specific guidance or practice

Mainly for US College teaching but lots of transferability for TEOs: