Completing your December 2023 SDR

Completing your December 2023 SDR

Last updated 7 December 2023
Last updated 7 December 2023

Here’s what you need to know to submit your December 2023 Single Data Return (SDR).

Dates for submitting your December 2023 SDR

The December SDR round begins on 1 January 2024 and is due on 31 January 2024. 

Please submit your December 2023 return anytime on or between these dates.

31 December 2023

Extract date for the December 2023 SDR

1 January 2024

SDR round opens

31 January 2024

SDR round closes

Resources and support

To help you complete your return, see the latest 2023 SDR manual (v2.2)

There is more support for you:

Important points to note for your December 2023 SDR 

No changes to the SDR manual

There are no recent changes to the 2023 SDR manual (v2.2).

Workforce Questionnaire

  • Before submitting your December 2023 SDR, please upload your 2023 Workforce Questionnaire to Services for Tertiary Education Organisations This is to ensure your December 2023 SDR is accepted.
  • Please ensure 2023 is selected as the reporting year.
  • You may need to source this information from a different person or team in your organisation before the Christmas break, so it doesn’t hold up your January submission.

For more information about Workforce Questionnaires, see:

Fees Free

Please ensure all learners reported in your monthly "Fees Free All Enrolments and Costs Actuals" are included in your December 2023 SDR. Enrolment information should match between the two returns.

Foreign Fee

Tuition fees paid by international fee-paying students must exclude GST.

Error 39

From April 2023, SDR "Error 39" will show when the enrolment start date is before the course start date on the course register. To fix this, please recheck the data entered.

Cross-year enrolments under Source of Funding (SoF) 01

For learners who are enrolled in a course under SoF01, where the course start date is on or before 31 December 2022, and the end date is on or after 1 January 2023, you should continue to report this delivery under SoF01.

We will manually move the 2023 delivery out of SoF01 and into SoF37. This means you don’t need to unenrol from the SoF01 course and re-enrol to submit the 2023 portion of the course under SoF37.

Changes to course classification codes (CCCs)

Please see the Delivery Classification Guide (PDF 1 MB):

  • Please avoid using the retired CCCs 21 and 22.1. Using these codes will cause a submission failure.
  • Amend the CCCs for Te Reo Māori and Tikanga courses to CCCs 40 and 41 respectively. 

Funding rate ID

For SoF37-DQ3-7, continue to use CCC and funding rate ID. We will map these to the UFS F1-F6 rates.

SDR Enrolment file – Source of Funding (SoF) changes

Use the correct SoF for learners who are enrolled in a provider-based, or provider-based: extramural programme of study.

Programme of study

SoF to use

Delivery at Levels 3–7 (non-degree) (DQ3-7) Note: see information about cross-year enrolments above.


Delivery at Levels 7 (degree) and above (DQ 7+)


These combinations need to match to meet the validation rules. See the guidance in the 2023 SDR manual (v2.2) and information about the new SDR validation changes (PDF 412 KB).