Funding and payments

Funding and payments

Last updated 6 August 2019
Last updated 6 August 2019

How Medical Trainee Intern Grants funding is set and payments are made. Also includes funding allocation and funding recovery information.


The Medical Trainee Intern Grant funding mechanism is issued by the Minister responsible for tertiary education. The funding mechanism outlines the general form and essential components of the fund. It provides the mandate for us to allocate the funding and what the funding can be used for, and details how we administer the fund.

Medical Trainee Intern Grants are funded off-Plan via a funding confirmation letter. A university that receives Medical Trainee Intern Grants funding is required to:

  • comply with the requirements of the Education Act 1989, and
  • comply with the conditions specified in its funding letter.


We pay some funding up front and the remainder in equal monthly instalments.

Funding allocation

The Medical Trainee Intern Grants are allocated annually based on the number of eligible sixth-year medical students (working as trainee interns) each university will have in the coming year.

Each grant is $26,756 (GST exempt) per student per 12 months internship.

Funding recoveries

How we will calculate any recoveries for 2019 Medical Intern funding

We will recover funding if you under/over-deliver in 2019

We will recover funding if you deliver less than 100% of your allocated Medical Intern funding. We will recover the difference between the value of actual delivery and 100% of allocated Medical Intern funding.

If you deliver more than 100% of your estimated Medical Intern allocated funding we will pay the difference between 100% of the allocated Medical Intern funding and the amount actually delivered.

Recoveries are based on:

  • your submitted Medical Intern Statement of Service Performance report which must include the:
    • number of students funded, and
    • amount of funding consumed for the reporting year/s. 

Suspending or revoking funding

If we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that a university has not met or is not meeting the conditions of funding, we may revoke or suspend the funding under section 159ZF of the Education Act 1989