Eligibility – Equity Fund

Eligibility – Equity Fund

Last updated 23 February 2024
Last updated 23 February 2024

This page sets out the eligibility criteria for receiving funding from the Equity Fund.

For the full eligibility requirements, see the Equity funding conditions.

TEO eligibility

Most tertiary education organisations (TEOs) do not need to provide any additional information to the TEC before receiving Equity funding. We calculate and distribute Equity funding based on SDR data on key indicators and evidence for eligible learner cohorts. All eligible TEOs will receive Equity funding if they have:

  • Māori and Pacific learners (DQ7+ only), or
  • disabled learners.

We expect TEOs to:

  • actively consider how they will use this funding to supplement other investments to ensure the success of all learners
  • include these plans in their Learner Success and Disability Action Plans
  • be prepared to discuss their approach with their Relationship Manager/Advisor.

Providers will not be eligible to receive Equity funding if they receive a final zero allocation in DQ1-2 and DQ7+ funds.

If you are a new provider, and receive DQ1-2 and DQ7+, we will use your April SDR delivery data to calculate your Equity funding allocation. This will be confirmed with you in May. You will receive your Equity payments monthly from June. If any adjustments are needed, these will be calculated following the August and December data returns.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for Equity funding, please contact your Relationship Manager or the Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301 or email customerservice@tec.govt.nz.