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Te reo Māori - our translation

Te reo Māori - our translation

Last updated 9 November 2016
Last updated 9 November 2016

One of the features of our new website is that some of the key information, including page titles and landing page summaries, has been translated into .

When we researched what our audience wanted to see on our website, they told us they wanted a commitment to more Māori content.

We listened, and decided to go a step further by actually translating content from English to Māori, including landing pages and key terms.

Our translator Brian Morris says the website is an important tool for engaging with and learners.

“There’s an expectation that the content on the website will be presented in Māori.”

He says that it shows we encourage the participation of Māori in the sector.

Brian says the translation process has to be consistent with the overall style and standards we adhere to at the TEC.

He says that while the translation from English to Māori is not always necessarily literal, it’s important to convey the right message.

“It’s not just about doing word-for-word translation. It’s about being consistent and not having any double-ups.”

However, there are some phrases or words that cannot be changed because they are part of legislation.

And one of the biggest challenges in translating government material is translating the jargon, Brian says.

“You’ve got to work with what’s being [conveyed], then work out what’s the best way to say it.”

The information also needs to be accessible for our audience.

“You have to aim for consistency of terms and make it recognisable for all speakers of Māori.

“It has to be coherent so that people can engage with it.”

As Māori is a language that is constantly developing, Brian says he is aware that there needs to be a level of familiarity for all Māori speakers.

“The last thing I want to do is put in a word that people aren’t using.”

Once he has completed the translations, Brian touches base with a peer translator to check and provide feedback.