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Supplementary Plan Guidance for 2023 is available

Supplementary Plan Guidance for 2023 is available

Last updated 8 June 2022
Last updated 8 June 2022

Supplementary Plan Guidance (SPG) is now available to support tertiary education organisations (TEOs) in developing their Investment Plans for funding from 1 January 2023.

The SPG provides further information about what the TEC will be looking for in their Investment Plans that was not available when Plan Guidance was published. The SPG also confirms and restates the overarching theme of transformational change for the success of all learners.

When finalising the content of your plan, please consider all information available for the investment round including Plan Guidance, SPG and the Investment Briefs. Not all elements will apply to all plans.

TEOs have until Friday 8 July this year to review indicative allocations and submit their investment plans.

For 2023 investment SPG includes:

  • Updated investment priorities based on advice from the Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) for the vocational sector, and Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLGs) for the first time.
  • Confirmation of the Plan Guidance’s overarching theme of “transformational change for the success of all learners”.
  • New processes for additional funding requests and new providers

With the introduction of the unified funding system (UFS) in 2023, the SPG includes:

  • The national and regional skills priorities that will be used to allocate the UFS strategic component funding.
  • Further details of the other two UFS funding components. The delivery component is volume-based funding with different rates reflecting the setting that learners are in and the subject matter of their programme. The learner component increases funding based on the characteristics of learners.

The strategic component funding will be assessed against the new national and regional skills priorities. For Te Pūkenga and wānanga, this component will be determined through the Plan process, but for PTEs there will be a contestable process later this year. More details will be released on that process in a future update. It also provides details on how a TEO can request adjustments to their indicative allocations

Full details on these changes and others can be found in the guidance document.

For any questions on the SPG, either contact your Relationship Manager or the Customer Contact Group for advice and assistance.