Capability Framework

Shaping sector-wide capability through new Investment Toolkit framework

Shaping sector-wide capability through new Investment Toolkit framework

Last updated 3 July 2018
Last updated 3 July 2018

We have developed an exciting new tool in our Investment Toolkit that will significantly support the sector to deliver on their Investment Plan obligations.  

The Capability Framework offers tertiary education organisations (TEOs) the opportunity to ensure they have the capability they need to deliver on the mission and role set out in their investment plans. It is part of a drive towards a self-improving and self-adjusting tertiary system.

“This is, to our knowledge, the first time that a capability framework has been introduced for use across an entire tertiary system,” says Sam Egan, Implementation Design expert at the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).

“To ensure we gain real system benefits, we need as many TEOs as possible to engage with the Capability Framework.”

The framework is designed to help TEOs understand their own organisation’s capabilities and support their Plan conversations with TEC in the short-term. However, the long-term benefits to TEOs that can demonstrate greater capability could include more autonomy, a reduction in compliance, simplified funding management, and an increased ability to achieve agility and innovation.

“High-level uptake will see real benefits in provision and infrastructure, and will allow TEC to form a collective view of sector capability and fit with priorities for the future,” says Sam.  

Some TEOs have already engaged with the framework and feedback received has been positive.

“The tool is informative and will enable TEOs to have a better sense of direction, if they engage with it,” says Hayley Devoy from Ara Institute of Canterbury.

James Ward from New Zealand Tertiary College said that they will submit the Capability Framework Assessment worksheet in 2018 even though the College’s investment plan is not due until 2019.

“NZTC looks forward to working with the Capability Framework Assessment, to again be a part of a rigorous review process to understand strengths and identify new opportunities for improvement,” said Mr Ward.

The Capability Framework is the first step to gain long-term understanding and improvement of capability in the tertiary sector.

We strongly encourage all TEOs to get involved so that they can achieve individual TEO benefits as well as creating positive sector-wide change.

Frameworks are due to be submitted along with or before the submissions of final Plans. For more information on the Capability Framework, including how to submit the framework through Workspace2, visit the investment toolkit section of our website.