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Investment Toolkit updated with new tools

Investment Toolkit updated with new tools

Last updated 26 February 2021
Last updated 26 February 2021

New and updated information, products and templates have been added to the Investment Toolkit for the upcoming Investment Round for 2022 funding. These tools add to the suite of products available to support tertiary education organisations (TEOs) in their strategic planning and Investment Plan engagement.

The Toolkit provides TEOs with:

  • details on the Tertiary Education Commission’s strategic priorities and our approach to decision making for funding in 2022
  • new infosheets for labour market demand information and the Ngā Kete information products
  • an updated Post Study Outcomes information product with new data and with regional views available
  • updated data for SAC and ITF funds as well as the food and fibre, construction sector and secondary initial teacher education investment briefs
  • an updated Investment Plan template
  • an updated Summary of Planned Shifts template
  • an updated Learner Success Plan (LSP) template
  • other tools and templates for TEOs to use when drafting their Plans

TEOs will need to use these tools in the development of their Investment Plans. This will be the first investment round where TEOs are asked to reflect the new Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) in their plans. Some of the tools and templates in the investment toolkit have been updated to reflect the new TES objectives and priorities.

For this Plan Round, we will require any TEO submitting a full Plan seeking more than $5 million in TEC funding to also submit an LSP.  Other TEOs are not required to submit a new LSP, but they may choose to inform us of any significant changes they are making to their learner success approach.

TEOs should contact their Relationship Manager or Advisor for support in completing these plans. This includes understanding the level of detail required on specific aspects.

As part of this process the Gazette Notice for Investment Plans has also been published.

We look forward to working collaboratively over the coming year to continue to improve how we deliver better outcomes for learners.

View updates on the Investment Toolkit page.