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New Ngā Kete information product is now available – Tertiary Performance SDR.

New Ngā Kete information product is now available – Tertiary Performance SDR.

Last updated 30 May 2018
Last updated 30 May 2018

Tertiary Performance SDR provides information on Tertiary Education Organisation (TEO) educational performance and learner achievement.

This information product will support engagement between TEOs and TEC on performance improvement by:

  • ensuring that we are all looking at the same information
  • allowing TEOs to see Educational Performance Indicators (EPIs) over time for all TEOs, calculated at a more detailed level than previously available
  • allowing TEOs to understand their own performance in the context of how different sub-sectors and the overall system are performing.

TEOs can access and explore the Single Data Return (SDR) data used to calculate EPIs for all TEOs. Through this information product TEOs can explore EPI performance by:

  • reporting year and over time
  • sub-sector and individual TEO
  • qualification and course subject
  • learner participation and demographics (age, gender and ethnicity)
  • funding source
  • attendance type (part time and full time)
  • cohort group (Levels 1-3, 4-7 non-degree, 7 degree and 8-10)
  • individual NZQF levels (1-10).

Other information products updated

We have also made minor improvements to My Provision and My Performance.

  • My Provision now has Cohort Group, Attendance Type and Ethnicity Group filters.
  • My Performance now includes Participation views.

You can access the information product via Ngā Kete. They form part of the TEC’s Investment Toolkit.