Last updated 1 May 2019
Last updated 1 May 2019

This page sets out the eligibility criteria for the Literacy and Numeracy - Refugee English Fund (ILN Refugee English).


TEO eligibility

See Condition: Organisation eligibility  for tertiary education organisation (TEO) eligibility requirements.

In addition, TEOs that receive ILN Refugee English Fund funding must:

  • offer funded learners opportunities to staircase from their ESOL qualifications into vocational or degree-level provision. TEOs that do not offer degree level programmes will need to demonstrate good linkages and seamless pathways to higher levels of education
  • be able to produce evidence of good practice, and the quality of their current ESOL programmes (including evidence of learner progression and outcomes), and
  • have the capability to offer fees-free ESOL tuition to a minimum of 20 eligible learners.

Programme eligibility

See the following conditions for programme eligibility requirements:

In addition, to be eligible for ILN Refugee English Fund funding, the programme must meet all of the relevant funding conditions for Student Achievement Component (SAC) level 3 and above funding, including compliance learning. We expect ILN Refugee English funded programmes to be taught by tutors who are appropriately qualified in ESOL delivery.

Learner eligibility

See Condition: Learner eligibility 

 for learner eligibility requirements.

Note that a learner may only be re-enrolled in an ILN Refugee English funded provision for a period of three years. That is, enrolments/re-enrolments of an individual learner (in the same or different qualifications) may be non-consecutive, and the sum total duration of those enrolments/re-enrolments may be up to 36 months).

Verifying learner eligibility

In addition, learner eligibility and identity must be verified as per the SAC level 3 and above funding conditions: