Assessing the asset management capability of TEIs

Assessing the asset management capability of TEIs

Last updated 9 January 2024
Last updated 9 January 2024

are required to assess their asset management capability annually and send their assessments to us by 31 May each year.

This assessment alternates between a self-assessment and an assessment carried out by an independent assessor every other year, as shown in the table below.

Assessment type

May 2022

May 2023

May 2024

May 2025

Annual Capital Asset Management Self-Assessment





Independent Review of Asset Management Systems and Processes – Universities,  ITPs and Wānanga





Self-assessment of asset management capability

TEIs should complete a self-assessment using the Capital Asset Management (CAM) Maturity Assessment tool IIMM 2021. The tool is based on the CAM standard in the 2020 International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM).

Asset Management Maturity Assessment Tool 2021 (XLSX 193 KB)

You can use the tool to show your TEI’s CAM performance in a number of ways, such as:

  • for internal management reporting to your senior management and council
  • by independent asset management specialists when reviewing your asset management capability
  • to show progress implementing CAM Investment Plan Commitments (if your TEI has CAM Plan Commitments in its ).

The Government owns the intellectual property rights for this tool so it can only be used to provide advice to TEIs as part of an adviser-client relationship.

Independent reviews of asset management capability

On alternate years, all TEIs are expected to obtain an independent assessment of their CAM systems and processes. This is every second year unless otherwise agreed between the TEC and the individual TEI.

Why does the Government require independent reviews?

Cabinet expects The Treasury to periodically commission independent assessments of each capital-intensive agency’s asset management practices, including TEIs. The Treasury has agreed that the tertiary sector can determine the nature of these independent assessments.

We are committed to working constructively with TEIs to maintain a high degree of independence and autonomy in this area relative to other capital-intensive agencies and sectors where independent reviews are initiated by monitoring agencies.

What you need to do

You must send the results of your independent review (including an improvement plan and a completed CAM Maturity Assessment tool IIMM 2021 to by 31 May (or later by mutual agreement between your TEI and us).

Asset Management Maturity Assessment Tool 2021 (XLSX 193 KB)

In association with asset management specialists, we have developed the Guidelines for the Review of Capital Asset Management Systems and Processes to help TEIs and asset management reviewers during the initial planning stages of an external review.

The guidelines outline good practice for reviewing and what outputs a TEI can expect as a result.

Guidelines for the Review of Capital Asset Management Systems & Processes (PDF 68 KB) 

TEIs and their chosen reviewers are free to choose their own approach if this is more appropriate, provided:

  • the TEI and the reviewer agree on and produce a copy of the CAM self-assessment tool with comments and scores from the reviewer and

  • the reviewer provides the TEI with an improvement plan outlining the results of the review and initiatives the TEI could undertake, ranked in terms of priority towards achieving better overall value for money.

List of independent reviewers

Reviews must be carried out by one of the reviewers listed in the document below.

Independent reviewers for assessing asset management capability of TEIs (PDF 456 KB)