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New tools will empower your organisation to improve learner success

New tools will empower your organisation to improve learner success

Last updated 8 March 2023
Last updated 8 March 2023

We want all learners to thrive and successfully complete their tertiary education. However, designing and implementing a whole-of-organisation approach to learner success is a significant commitment for tertiary education organisations (TEOs). To support in you in this endeavour, we have released two new tools.

“We recognise TEOs are at different phases of their learner success journey. Some are just starting out and others are further along in implementing their approach,” said Tertiary Education Commission Acting Deputy Chief Executive – Ōritetanga Learner Success, Morgan Healey.

“The Preparing for success resources and the digital Learner Success Diagnostic Tool are two exciting additions to the self-service toolkit we are developing to support TEOs to use the Learner Success Framework.”

The Preparing for success resources will help TEOs gain an understanding of the learner success journey ahead and build a commitment for change to a whole-of-organisation, learner-centred operating model.

The Learner Success Diagnostic Tool is intended for TEOs to use within their organisation to help facilitate deep conversations about what equity and learner success means for them. The tool allows TEOs to self-assess their maturity and progress, and identify opportunities to improve across seven specific learner success capabilities (PDF 335 KB).

The tool was designed to be used multiple times and at any stage of a TEO’s learner success journey. It provides TEOs with the opportunity to reflect on previous results and review the progress they are making over time. It is a digital, downloadable tool so that the insights a TEO gains are for their organisation and only their organisation. 

We believe the Learner Success Diagnostic Tool is integral in helping TEOs with their learner success approach. By continuously reviewing, adapting and improving their learner success approaches a TEO is setting their organisation in good stead to achieve equity for all their learners.

Thank you to the TEOs who gave us their time to help review, refine and test the tool.

For more information or to download the Learner Success Diagnostic Tool visit Learner Success Diagnostic Tool | Tertiary Education Commission (tec.govt.nz).