supporting learners with adhd

Enable tertiary learners with ADHD to succeed with new resource

Enable tertiary learners with ADHD to succeed with new resource

Last updated 6 October 2022
Last updated 6 October 2022

We want all learners to receive the support they need to enter and successfully complete their tertiary education, but for some with ADHD it can be a challenging journey. A new resource from ADHD New Zealand gives tertiary education organisations (TEOs) information and practical strategies to better support their learners with ADHD.

Learn how to empower your learners with ADHD

ADHD New Zealand, with the support of the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), has created e-learning modules to support learners with ADHD through their education.

The four short e-learning modules are designed to give tutors and lecturers a better understanding of ADHD and how to best engage, support and enable these learners. The modules cover:

  1. understanding learners with ADHD
  2. effectively engaging learners with ADHD
  3. optimising outcomes for learners with ADHD
  4. developing inclusive lessons and integrated learning strategies.

Each module takes 30 minutes to complete, or you can choose specific topics under each heading.

To inform the modules, ADHD New Zealand held focus group sessions with tertiary learners with ADHD and staff working at TEOs.

To access the modules visit, ADHD in tertiary education organisations - ADHD New Zealand.

“The biggest lightbulb was section one. Understanding exactly what ADHD is great. All the strategies make sense once you understand what it is properly.”

– TEO staff member who participated in testing the modules.

Learners with ADHD share their tertiary experience

To support the e-learner modules, ADHD New Zealand also produced videos of learners sharing their experiences or tips on how to better engage with them.

Ivy’s currently working on her Master’s degree. In this video Ivy candidly shares her experience of university support services for learners with ADHD.

According to the Ministry of Health in 2020, an estimated 280,000 people in New Zealand have ADHD, that’s one person in every 20 people.

Learner success for all is a priority for the Tertiary Education Commission

We have large groups of learners who are currently underserved by the tertiary education system, including neurodiverse learners. We need to change that. TEC is working with a range of organisations including ADHD New Zealand to develop resources for TEOs so they better understand the special needs of neurodiverse learners and can develop systems to support them to complete their education. Remember best practice for neurodiverse learners is best practice for all learners.

To strengthen your practice in supporting neurodivergent learners check out these resources and advice on our website: Neurodiversity resources

This work is part of the TEC’s Ōritetanga Learner Success work, to support all TEOs to put learners at the centre of their organisation.