ACE Aotearoa Sector Capability Building Funding

ACE Aotearoa Sector Capability Building Funding

Last updated 4 March 2024
Last updated 4 March 2024

Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa Incorporated (ACE Aotearoa) is the lead body for the ACE sector. It is a professional development body of networks of adult and community educators. 

ACE Aotearoa supports the sector to deliver centrally coordinated, structured learning. This in turn helps to strengthen and support effective ACE delivery and improve ACE learner outcomes, particularly for priority learner groups identified in the Tertiary Education Strategy.

The purpose of the ACE Aotearoa Sector Capability Building Funding is to enable ACE Aotearoa to perform three roles and achieve the following outcomes:



Strategic sector leadership

The contribution and impact of ACE provision to the broader tertiary education sector is better recognised and understood.

The impact of ACE provision is appropriately measured, communicated and leveraged across the tertiary education sector.

Sector capability building

Sector capability and capacity is strengthened and developed through the creation of collaborative and strategic opportunities to build and share resources that benefit the ACE sector.

Sector co-ordination

The ACE sector is supported in meaningful ways to deliver learner success, maximising efficiency and effectiveness of the sector. 


The Minister of Education has delegated the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to allocate and distribute this funding to ACE Aotearoa. This funding does not fall within the statutory framework for funding received under sections 425 or 428 of the Education and Training Act. 

The current funding period is from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023.

Reports and information

Below are reports and information on the work ACE Aotearoa has conducted as part of this funding.



4 October 2021

ACE Aotearoa January – June 2021 Report (PDF 499 KB)

For more information, please see ACE Aotearoa.