TEC-funded tertiary education data

TEC-funded tertiary education data

Last updated 22 April 2024
Last updated 22 April 2024

We’ve changed how we report on our main funds. This page explains more and gives our latest data.

The spreadsheet below shows TEC-funded tertiary education data submitted by tertiary education organisations (TEOs) through the Single Data Return (SDR) and the Industry Training Register (ITR).

The Unified Funding System (UFS) was implemented in January 2023. As funding is determined in a significantly different way, we’ve changed how we report on our main funds.

The spreadsheet shows these new funding groups, from 2023:

  • Foundation education
  • Vocational education
  • Higher education

It contains information on equivalent full-time students (EFTS) and funding, broken down by TEO. We will update this data three times per year.

How to use the spreadsheet

Please read the first page before using the data. In the spreadsheet, click on the [+] button on the left of each sheet to see data at the TEO level (where applicable).

2023 Funded Tertiary Education (XLSX 96 KB)