Official Information Act requests and responses

Ngā tono me ngā urupare Official Information Act

Last updated 28 June 2021
Last updated 28 June 2021

Find information on how you can make a request for official information held by the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) and view our responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests. 

People in New Zealand can request government information (official information) and can expect it to be made available unless there is a good reason to withhold it.

The Official Information Act 1982 (or OIA) enables citizens, permanent residents, visitors to New Zealand, and body corporates registered or with a place of business in New Zealand, to make a request for official information held by government agencies, including the TEC.

Making an OIA request

Making a request

Your request for official information should be as clear and specific as you can possibly make it. Before making a request please check with our Customer Contact Group by calling 0800 601 301 in case the information you seek is already available.

To make a request we recommend you email Alternatively you can write to us at the address below.

Written enquiries should be sent to:

The Tertiary Education Commission
PO Box 27048
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

We would like:

  1. your name
  2. contact address (email or postal)
  3. details of the information you want.

We may ask you for more details.

If you make your request by phone or in person, we will either confirm it in writing ourselves or, if we're not sure what you're seeking, we may ask if you'd mind putting it in writing.

The State Services Commission provide advice on tips for requesting official information and guidance on how agencies will respond to information requests.

How long will it take?

We will acknowledge your request and are required by law to give you our decision on your request as soon as possible, and no later than 20 working days after we receive your request.

If we need more time to make our decision on your request, for example if you are requesting a lot of information, we will let you know and give you an idea of how long it will take. You can complain to the Office of the Ombudsman if you're not happy with our decision to extend the time.

Here is further guidance from the State Services Commission on how agencies will respond to information requests.

What does it cost?

Requesting official information is free, though we can charge a reasonable amount if it will take a lot of work to supply the information requested. There's no charge for the first hour spent on your request or for the first 20 pages of photocopying.

Here is further guidance from the State Services Commission on how agencies will respond to information requests.

What if I'm not satisfied?

You may wish to contact us in the first instance to see if we can resolve the issue.

You can make a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman if you:

  • have concerns regarding the decision we made on your request
  • were unhappy about the way your request was treated or processed.

These concerns can relate to the withholding of information, extending the timeframe to respond to you, any charges for providing the information you have requested, delays in providing you with a decision or the information, or your request being transferred.

The Office of the Ombudsman can investigate and review our decision and may make a recommendation to us if it is considered appropriate.

Responses to OIA requests

We now publish responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests to make more information readily available to the public. 

Please note, the personal details of requesters have been removed. 

Documents are listed in release date order with the most recent responses at the top. 

Response date Details of request Download/View
18 March 2021 OI-21-00319 - Funding amount for people with disabilities OIA response (PDF 705 KB) (PDF, 705 Kb)
24 June 2021 OI-21-00032 - Information regarding trades and apprenticeship training in New Zealand (TTAF)

OIA response (PDF 420 KB) (PDF, 420 Kb)

Data for TTAF (XLSX 42 KB) (Excel, 42 Kb)

2 December 2020 OI-20-00698 - Fees free data OIA response (PDF 321 KB) (PDF, 321 kb)
22 October 2020 OI-20-00692 - Money spend on consultations over 10 years OIA response (PDF 305 KB) (PDF, 305 Kb)
21 October 2020 OI-20-00683 - Resolving Training Problems and Appointment of Mediator Process OIA response (PDF 554 KB) (PDF, 554 Kb)
25 September 2020 OI-20-00623 – Equivalent Full-Time Students and Fees Free data OIA response (PDF 608 KB) (PDF, 608 Kb)
21 September 2020 OI-20-00586 - Possible restructuring of the university sector

OIA response (PDF 312 KB) (PDF, 312 Kb)

17 July 2020 OI-20-00352 - Migrants' prepaid ESOL classes

OIA response (PDF 696 KB) (PDF, 596 Kb)

26 June 2020 OI-20-00255 - Fees Free tuition spent on complementary therapies 

OIA response (PDF 668 KB) (PDF, 668 Kb)

12 May 2020 OI-20-00240 - Voluntary pay cuts

OIA response (PDF 680 KB) (PDF, 680 Kb)

15 April 2020 OI-20-00197 - Pastoral Care

OIA response (PDF 1 MB) (PDF, 1 Mb)

15 April 2020 OI-20-00178 - Fees Free breakdown

OIA response (PDF 520 KB) (PDF, 520 Kb)

9 March 2020 OI-20-00053 - Funding for qualifications, and enrolment and completion

OIA response (PDF 638 KB) (PDF, 638 Kb)

25 February 2020 OI-20-00027 - Information re completion of Southern Wings course

OIA response (PDF 549 KB) (PDF, 549 Kb)

17 February 2020 OI-20-00020 - Performance linked funding Response

OIA response (PDF 823 KB) (PDF, 823 Kb)

4 February 2020 OI-20-00003 - Prepaid English Language Training Response

OIA response (PDF 299 KB) (PDF, 299 Kb)

21 January 2020 OI-20-00001 - Recent staff engagement and satisfaction survey

OIA response (PDF 808 KB) (PDF, 808 Kb)

3 December 2019 OI-19-01360- Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre (Taratahi)

OIA response (PDF 2.5 MB) (PDF, 2.5 Mb)

29 October 2019 OI-19-01212 Fees free Decile Demographics

OIA response (PDF 386 KB) (PDF, 386 Kb)

Fees-Free Decile Demographic (XLSX 40 KB) (Excel, 40 Kb)

25 September 2019 OI-19-01195 Use and cost of psychometric testing - Response

OIA response (PDF 326 KB) (PDF, 326 KB)

27 August 2019 OI-19-00996 ROI process for the provision of career planning tools

OIA response (PDF 1.8 MB) (PDF, 1.8 Mb)

5 August 2019 OI-19-00881 Number of A grades for law schools in PBRF evaluations

OIA response (PDF 290 KB) (PDF, 290 Kb)

31 July 2019 OI-19-00792 Fees free data

OIA response (PDF 468 KB) (PDF, 468 Kb)

29 July 2019 OI-19-00878 Figures for number and percentage of EP's OIA response (PDF 475 KB) (PDF, 475 Kb)
11 July 2019 OI-19-00804 Maori University researchers who submitted PBRF evidence

OIA response (PDF 299 KB) (PDF, 299 Kb)

28 June 2019 OI-19-00838 Numbers of students taking Te Reo

OIA response (PDF 607 KB) (PDF, 607 Kb)

28 June 2019 OI-19-00681 Actual external research income (ERI) earnings declared to the TEC by each of the eight universities

OIA Response letter (PDF 154 KB) (PDF, 154 Kb)

OIA Response Data table (XLSX 17 KB) (Excel, 17 Kb)

25 June 2019 OI-19-00697 Seeking enrolment information OIA response (PDF 761 KB) (PDF, 761 Kb)
10 June 2019 OI-19-00698 Security data OIA response (PDF 750 KB) (PDF, 750 Kb)
5 June 2019 OI-19-00663 ACE data OIA response (PDF 448 KB) (PDF, 448 kb)
14 May 2019 OI-19-00408 Wintec information OIA response (PDF 5.1 MB) (PDF, 5.1 Mb)
8 May 2019 OI-19-00508 Whitireia Weltec funding agreement OIA response (PDF 835 KB) (PDF, 835 Kb)
15 April 2019 OI-19-00428 TPP current and future state OIA response (PDF 4.9 MB) (PDF, 4.9 Mb)
9 April 2019 OI-19-00415 Ece data since 2010 OIA response (PDF 790 KB) (PDF, 790 Kb)
28 March 2019 OI-19-00307 Fees-free funding information OIA response (PDF 821 KB) (PDF, 821 Kb)
25 March 2019 OI-19-00247 The effectiveness and success of the Apprenticeship Reboot OIA response (PDF 943 KB) (PDF, 943 Kb)
18 March 2019 OI-19-00159 Equity funding information OIA response (PDF 678 KB) (PDF, 678 Kb)
7 March 2019 OI-19-00024 Advice on Taratahi to Ministers in the past six months OIA response (PDF 10 MB) (PDF, 10 Mb)
6 March 2019 OI-19-00056 Information and correspondence between Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, the Minister and TEC OIA response (PDF 2 MB) (PDF, 2 Mb)
4 February 2019 OI-18-00022 Partner and provider survey results for past 5 years

OIA response (PDF 814 KB)

(PDF, 813 Kb)

4 February 2019 OI-19-00017 Diversity at TEC

OIA response (PDF 1.7 MB) (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

20 September 2018 OI-18-00675 Request for information held by TEC regarding all courses administered by Te Kohanga Reo National Trust OIA response (PDF 738 KB) (PDF, 738 Kb)
20 July 2018 01/18/00435 Fees Free reporting obligations for TEOs OIA response (PDF 4.7 MB) (PDF, 4.98 Mb)
29 June 2018 01/18/00250 Information and correspondence for the Chief Executives appearance at the Education and Workforce Select Committee Annual Review OIA response (PDF 7.8 MB) (PDF, 8.13 Mb)
16 January 2018 OI/17/00908 Victoria University of Wellington Karori Campus disposal – retention of proceeds of sale  OIA response (PDF 697 KB) (PDF, 713 Kb)